Thursday, April 21, 2011

Uhuru, I'm Mad at U!!

As you know, I'm seeking out dining chairs for my farmhouse table.  Yesterday was my lucky day, or so I thought.  Ever heard of Duncan Phyfe?  All you antique gurus know what I'm talking about.  Uhuru Furniture had a set of six Duncan Phyfe chairs for $75!!!  Not for just one, but the entire set!  

Now, I wasn't completely in love, but these appraise for $1000 - $2000, and they could have been mine.  Why so upset you may be wondering??  I'll tell you why!  Yesterday I spoke to the lady at 5:15 letting her know I was on my way.  Store closes at 6:30... shew, I made it!  Walked inside, kindly shook her hand.  She knew me by name.... good far.  Some dudes are taking down the chairs from the loft.  Great, the dudes are already on it.  Awesome.  

Not awesome... the lady said, "Oh.... sorry this guy just bought them."  Could you have let me known that someone else was looking at them?  I may have just left a little bit early to assure that the chairs would have been mine.  And she knew that we were both on our way!  Bad, bad business!  

Uhuru, I'm through!! 

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Chairs like these...

My dining room table is screaming for attention!  I need chairs, pronto!  The Tell City chairs were an awesome score, try free, BUT they do not in any way compliment my farmhouse table.  So I'm in desperate need.

Here are a few inspiration pictures: 

Mixing the old with the new...

 Photo: Design Public

Adding contrast:

 Photo: This Old House

Maybe my favorite look...

 Photo: Decor Pad

If money were no object...

Photo: Southern Living

What's your favorite look?  I may be making a quick stop to IMPACT today, my new favorite thrift shop, where I scored this chair for only $10 and my farmhouse table for only $30!

Wish me luck!!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Opening Night at Freeman's Auction with Studio Incamminati

Friday night Freeman's Auctioneers and Appraisers , the oldest auction house in the country, hosted Studio Incamminati's week long Celebration of Art leading up to a Royal Wedding Tribute with "nationally syndicated radio host Michael Smerconish" interviewing Princess Diana's Chief of Staff Patrick Jephson. Jason and I were fortunate enough to both attend the opening reception. Here we are with Nelson Shanks' portraits of Princess Diana (Source: Studio Incamminati).  

Fun Fact: 
Where the first portrait (left) was completed live, as seen here, 

Photo: JSS Gallery

...the second painting was completed after Diana's unfortunate death.  I had a personal "hand" interview with Nelson myself.  I was this close to being a princess!  Every girls dream!  So what if it was only her hands.  While Nelson was scrutinizing my hands, I remember him saying, "That'll do."  I held my head up high at his approval of my princess-like hands.  In actuality my hands are rather large for a female, but of princess-like quality of course. Unfortunately my schedule did not work with Nelson's schedule.  Damn you nine to five.

 In more positive news, Jason's I Heart Gourds still life was one of two pieces that sold on Friday night!  I'm such a proud trophy wife!  Here we are with the painting above us.

And here we are again...

If you are in the Philadelphia area, be sure to stop by at Freeman's on 1808 Chestnut Street up until April 21st for free viewings of The Artists of Studio Incamminati Exhibition and Sale.  For a full listing of scheduled events click here.
Ok, ok enough about us.  Check out below for project updates happening around The Tiny Abode!

My blogging hiatus continues, but I swear there are projects in the works.  I'll be sharing soon!  In the meantime, here are some glimpses of projects in the making.

This mirror and curb find is getting a face lift.  The circus green color has to go!

This IMPACT wrought iron chair will be getting a make-over.

And these freshly spray painted pots will be cultivating herbs soon.

These are just a few of the projects we got going on at The Tiny Abode.
The list is getting shorter by the day! 

Did I mention this is my spring break!?
Keep on the look out for future revealings!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Farmhouse Table = Future Project

I've been on a bit of a blogging hiatus, but in my defense, I have projects out the whazoo!  Mostly simple ones like figuring out how to hang heavy mirrors without ripping out the walls.  Must purchase toggle bolts! 

THIS is my distraction: 
A beautiful Restoration Hardware farmhouse table that will cost you 4 digits! 

On a shopping trip this past weekend, with my sweet friend Shell, we happened upon this baby at Impact!  I was shocked when the salesman said, "I'll give it to you for $35", and the look on Shellie's face confirmed my attachment to the table.  This 6ft sucker was going in the car one way or another.  Seats down, hatch up, buckle up.  Unfortunately for me, Jason was out of town, and I had to sweet talk a couple of twenty year olds to carry this 200 lb baby up to my second floor apartment.  

Sure it needs some work (not to mention table accessories --- ignore that, we'll ya?), but I'm stoked! You don't know how long it has been since I've actually had a place to sit and eat rather than resorting to the couch and a t.v. tray. I can actually entertain!!! More to come on that later (wink)! 

Also, check out the faux bamboo wrought iron chair I scored for $10!!  Yet another project.  I plan on recovering the seat cushion.  The tacky green mirror was a curb find and will be getting a spray tan soon.  And last but not least, the storage bench, also a curb steal (Call me crazy, it's not the first time), will be serving as additional seating until we can afford a set like these.

I spotted two of these at TJ Maxx for $120 each, but I was already spent.  Chairs are on my wishlist, and we'll be getting a rug soon!!  Slowly but surely, our apartment is coming together.

Monday, April 4, 2011

Flea Market Finds

This weekend I went to the Philadelphia Flea Market.  I'm sooo glad I did!  Here are the items I managed to squeeze into my car.  Steals of deals, really. 

Faux Bamboo Frame - $3
Chippendale Faux Bamboo Tables by Omega - $40 for the set
Owl Plant Hangers - $7
Gilt Frame (Holds 16 x 20 Canvas) - $10
Today we will be highlighting the Hollywood Regency Chippendale tables. The set came from this sweet lady, Loretta.  AKA, my favorite flea market dealer.  We got along great!  It may have to do with the fact that she spent the first ten years of her life in Alabama, where the tea is sweet.

New furnishings equal new apartment layout equals freaked out husband.  However, our apartment feels so much more functional.  And that makes me happy! Here are some of my previous Hollywood Regency obsessions.  Those who've done your research know $40/set  for faux bamboo is quite the steal!  I may spray paint them a fun color, but what color?

 Originally, I was going to use the largest of the tables as a coffee table.  That didn't work.  The scale was all wrong, so it moved to the bedroom.  The nesting tables however make a perfect media center.  Before, our entertainment pieces were dispersed across the room, not making a whole lotta sense.  Now, our monitor, keyboard and DVDs (stored in the suitcase, genius I know) are all in one happy corner called togetherness.  Ahhh.

We ditched our coffee table, but no worries. Our new piece is multi-functional.  We like!  The couch also moved, now facing the windows.  Here's what our space looked like before, and before you judge know that we are working with a very difficult room.  Long, narrow, awkward stairs, refrigerator in the living room and all.  As far as the coffee table, Craigslist anyone?

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