Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Happy Birthday, Madre!!

Your Day Navy Birthday Card
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Saturday, February 25, 2012

Lovely, Lovely Lamps

One never really knows what he may stumble upon when entering the organized chaos of a vintage shop or thrift store.  Quite honestly, it can be rather overwhelming without a game plan in mind.  Often I feel like a kid in a candy store with ADD, not really knowing where to start or where to stop for that matter.  Last weekend, however, was different.  I knew what I wanted.


This, my friends, is a Paul Hanson Ginger Jar lamp.   I didn't really know what I was looking at while shopping, but I knew that I liked it.  That's all that really matters anyways. 

Here are some more lamps that I am more than just a little gaga over...

Below is a picture of my lamp in it's entirety.  It has some minor damage (See the base?), but overall it's in pretty superb shape.  For fifteen dollars, I couldn't let this piece slip by.  Jason thought I was insane at first, but after introducing him to 1st Dibs and showing him that we could very well have a $1000 lamp in our possession, he changed his mind rather quickly.  That is after we got over his idea of selling it and my cry back, "I want expensive things!"  Just this morning he told me how proud he was with me and my bargain of a deal.

Now, where to find a lamp shade that will fit this giant sucker?  Any insight would be greatly appreciated!!!  

P.S. I'm sure many of you were distracted by the nudity.  That is an original oil painting by Jason Espey, my awesome husband.  He has a facebook page, so you should go like him!  And for fun, you can tell him that I sent you!   If you enjoy reading The Tiny Abode please feel free to follow us on facebook or twitter.  Or you can use our little subscribe linky to the right. 

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy LOVE Day!!!

Good Morning, Lovers!!
Isn't this pink alarm clock adorable!?!

I hope you put on your rain boots this morning because it is WET outside!
Good thing Hunter carries them in PINK!

 Image: Lonny Mag Sept./Oct. Issue

In the spirit of St. Valentine, I wanted to share with you my favorite finds from Pinterest!!

Felt Window Garland: Noodlehead
Valentine's Day Egg in the Basket: Petite Kitchenesse
You Are My Happy print: EeeBee
XOXO Cake: Styled by Couture Events by Lottie and shot by Sara & Rocky Photography
Valentine Card - Boobs: Whit and Whistle
Love Matches: Pandah
Kate Spade Valentine, Let's Make Out: Bri Emery from Design Love Fest
S'more Love: Event Solutions
Funny International Mustache-Language of Love Valentine Card: Dawn2Dusk Design

Image: Beverly & Pack

Now go smooch your pooch!!

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Make a Statement with Barware

This is the barware that the hubs and I picked out for our wedding registry about four years ago. If my personality could be cloned into barware, this would be it.  Fun, funky and bubbly all wrapped up in a one package deal.  There's only one problem... I hate it!  You know that irritating behavior that you possess that, let's be honest, kinda even drives yourself crazy?  Well let's just say, I'm ready to give this barware the cold shoulder.  If it gets too cold it cracks.  Too hot it cracks.  Sitting in the cabinet being ignored all together... CRACK!  Who knew barware could have such a bad temperament?  The set above is made by TAG, which for the most part carries a great product. Let me be clear, I LOVE TAG!!  However, this barware has to go!

Images: here and here

Fun and funky can always win my heart, but this time around I am on a search for something a little more sophisticated, a bit more glam.  This weekend I stopped by one of my favorite stores, TJ Maxx, and spotted Lauren by Ralph Lauren Barware in Aston for quite the steal!

Image: Macy's

Aren't they pretty!?!  Best part, the highballs were only about $7.00 a pop.  You can also find the
Lauren Ralph Lauren Four Aston Highballs on Amazon  for $50.00, which is a great deal in comparison to Macy's $130.00 price tag.

I also get a hankering for anything in cobalt blue.  I lurve the Classic Lismore (above) by Waterford!  These will never be in my price range! 

Image:  Pinterest

Cobalt, however, really has a way of peacocking itself right off the bar cart, don't ya think?

Saturday, February 11, 2012

You Have Incredible Taste!

I really needed to hear this... I hope you find it just as inspiring.

I would like to take a moment to thank all of my faithful readers. This blogging business could not be possible without you. YOU are inspiring! YOU have great taste!  And if you're new here, I hope YOU stay awhile!!!



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