Tuesday, October 19, 2010

My Kitchen Goodies Wish List

Numero Uno

Spice Decanters: The great thing about these dandy containers is that they are magnetic.  4,785 different types of spices all in different packaging cluttering a nightstand, yes... a nightstand, in my tiny (even for an apartment) kitchen is really not doing it for me.  So yes, this is currently standing as number one most desired kitchen goody.  I'll take 30 of them please.  I think Bed, Bath, & Beyond might have these suckers.  Plus it's very likely that I could find a promo code and get a discount.  I thought the $10 deal (six in a package) on Amazon was pretty sweet at first, but when I was ready to check out they wanted to charge $7 for S&H.  I'll wait till shipping is free, thank you. 

Introducing the Le Creuset (specifically 5.5 Quart Round) Dutch Oven.  Can you believe it!?  I want a dutch oven!  Never in my life have I desired one of these heavy, and might I add expensive, enameled cast iron cookware.  Isn't it a beauty?   I guess I must be in the mood for soup... and expensive things, but that's not unusual.  These sell for about $235 on Amazon.   However, I was in Home Goods (I LOVE HG), and they had the same size for only $140.  So, what do I do?  Tell my upstairs neighbor of course.  He's an ex-chef, and is scouting out one.  I figure we can borrow his.  I don't have that kind of money for a pot!


Yes, it's a tea kettle.  Do I drink tea?  No, not really (only on occasion).  Jason does though.  I WANT this tea kettle.  Not one like this one, but this very one.  I don't want an ugly black plastic handle, or any other funky odd shape.  This one is absolutely perfect!  I'm waiting on the day it goes on sale at Amazon or magically appears in Home Goods.  Currently it is listed for 90 buckaroos on Amazon.  

Why do I want things I don't really use?  I don't know, maybe so I'll learn how to use them.  Those spice containers are a must have though!  I love anything that has to do with getting organized.  

Side note:
Tonight's dinner was Southwestern Stuffed Acorn Squash from www.eatingwell.com.  OMG!!  Let the picture speak for itself.  Everyone must try this!!

For more items on my wish list, visit my Amazon Wish List.  Feel free to buy me anything you would like.  ;)


Saturday, October 16, 2010

Clark Park and Even More Meaningless Ramblings.

Photo courtesy of http://uhurunews.com/
Yesterday while on my drive home from work I fortunately saw a posting for the bi-annual (I believe) Uhuru Flea Market which happens in Clark Park.  Jason doesn't much enjoy partaking in flea market extravaganzas, but i enjoy scavenging for treasure.  I most likely get that from my mother.  She use to take us thrift store shopping, and my poor eight year old soul was embarrassed out of my little mind; afraid that I would bump into one of my elementary classmates.  I had a reputation at stake!  Third grade was hard.  Rarely will you ever find me at a thrift store to this very day.   Flea Markets are cool though.  Check out this handmade soap I purchased at 3 for $5.  They smell absolutely wonderful, and they are even made from the ladies very own home grown herbs!  I got coconut peppermint, strawberries and cream, and I don't recall what the brown one is with what looks like cinnamon or nutmeg on top of it.  Nonetheless, it is my favorite!

 Even though thrift stores still give me the creeps, oddly enough, curb alerts thrill me!  My neighborhood frequently puts unwanted furniture, books, knick-knacks (you name it) out on the side of the road a day before trash pick-up.  I'm glad people do this because I hate to think that some perfectly good table like this one, which I now own, could be wasting away in some landfill.  

This nice accent table was across the street from my apartment.  Please don't think I'm crazy (okay, call me crazy), but I swear people here scavenge through trash.  It's Philadelphia!!!  When I first found this table it was covered with this hideous contact paper, which peeled off quiet easily.  Check it, below.

Heck, even my couch was a curb alert (from an up-street neighbor... does that make it ok?).  Ok now I'm crazy, but Jason and I were so grateful to pass our awfully uncomfortable futon to a new neighbor in town.  Plus, I love my couch (!!), and my pillows too!  Don't worry, those were purchased at Pier 1 and JC Penny.  Everything's clean I swear!  Plus, I have this nice eclectic look going for me now... all owed to my dear neighbors who have decided that their trash is my treasure!   The sunflowers are from Whole Foods for only six bucks a bundle.  I've been eyeballing them for months, and I think that they look great!

 One last rambling before I jet for the day.  I've added a few Birmingham magazines to my end table.  I think it's nice to have a little something in sight that reminds you of home.  

Be merry.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Mmm... Mmmm... Leftovers!

There's nothing better than day old lasagna!  Sounds sketchy when said out-loud, but only few will deny that leftovers are none less than fab!  Plus who really likes to cook every night of the week anyway!?  That being said, I promised to share my new meal planning strategy (husband included).  I'm so happy to have a husband who is so helpful and is as easily excited as I am about tackling the age old question, "What's for dinner?"  Well, my friends, I have a solution, but it is a team effort.  Sorry single ladies.  Get a man!  Or better yet a nice friend who is up for the challenge.  The best part about this type of meal planning is that it encourages trying new recipes. Doesn't this look yummy?  Well, it was!  This was my first meal, Spinach, Sausage, Mushroom Lasagna, which I cooked on my first night, and we are having again tonight.  And there will still be leftovers!!  The rest is going in the freezer... it will serve as a good lunch some time in the near future.   

***Just a quick side note, I like to use www.eatingwell.com, which is where I found this dish.  However, I prefer extra tomatoes, and I thought it could have used a tad more salt.***

Ok, here is how my ingenious plan works.  Jason and I each have two nights out of the week in which we are responsible for assuring that dinner is on the table.  For instance, he may take Monday and Wednesday nights, and I may take Tuesday and Thursday nights.  Friday nights are pizza night, frozen dinner night, leftovers...quick meals!  You get the idea.  Another great thing about taking responsibility for two nights is that if you make enough food on say Monday night for two meals then there would be no need for you to cook on Wednesday.  It is intentional cooking/ planning.  Essentially you could only be making one meal a week!!  How awesome is that!?  And it really works too!  That is as long as you have a team.  I've only cooked once this week.  No joke.  Jason made a really great white bean soup... I forget the proper name, but it too was delish and reaped leftovers.  

This plan, although we are still in our first week, thus far has proved itself to be motivational requiring some effort of creativity, but well worth the effort.  Cooking two nights out of the week (if that) makes it that much more rewarding...plus we're eating more healthier than usual.  I hope you enjoy, and share with your friends.   I have planning to do.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Tis the Season of Fall

This season so far has represented a lot of newness for myself, Jason included, but first I'll start with me.   
Let's begin with projects!  I've made a goal to accomplish at least one project per month.  This month's task... conquering the massive collection of books which have found themselves invading every existing corner in our tiny apartment.  If I get around to it, I'll post a photo of my finished (yes finished) organized by color bookshelf.  In the meantime, check out this master piece!  Beautiful (!!), but unfortunately not mine.  I don't have that many colorful books, nor do I have a bookshelf as splendid as the one below.  Nonetheless, this picture of someone's magnificent work served as my inspiration.  I feel as I should note, that this was not an easy task being as OCD as myself.  Does this blue book have more blue in it or do I see green?

In other news, this weekend I spent my time at a women's retreat with fellow Circle of Hope-sters at Camp Andrews... somewhere in the middle of Lancaster County.  In other words, for those of you not familiar with Pennsylvania,  we were out in BFE.  Horse and buggy territory, and it was absolutely gorgeous! (Especially since some leaves are beginning to change their color).  Reminds me of Alabama.  I see way too much concrete these days.  The women's retreat was not exactly a "retreat".  People were waking up at 7AM (on a weekend) to do yoga.  No thank you.  This princess doesn't even do her exercises during the week, much less on a Saturday morning and earlier than I wake up during the week.  Yes, I am that person.  There have been times I roll out of bed at 7:45 and must leave the house by 8:00.  But that's besides the point.  I met some really sweet girls, and I definitely feel comfortable saying that I feel more like a part, rather than a guest, at the Circle of Hope

I began this post by saying, "Jason included", and I have every intention on doing so.  However, it is late, and I must sleep.  But just for your lingering pleasure, it has to do with a new and excellent meal planning idea that I have created... Jason's even excited about it!  More to come. 


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