Tuesday, October 19, 2010

My Kitchen Goodies Wish List

Numero Uno

Spice Decanters: The great thing about these dandy containers is that they are magnetic.  4,785 different types of spices all in different packaging cluttering a nightstand, yes... a nightstand, in my tiny (even for an apartment) kitchen is really not doing it for me.  So yes, this is currently standing as number one most desired kitchen goody.  I'll take 30 of them please.  I think Bed, Bath, & Beyond might have these suckers.  Plus it's very likely that I could find a promo code and get a discount.  I thought the $10 deal (six in a package) on Amazon was pretty sweet at first, but when I was ready to check out they wanted to charge $7 for S&H.  I'll wait till shipping is free, thank you. 

Introducing the Le Creuset (specifically 5.5 Quart Round) Dutch Oven.  Can you believe it!?  I want a dutch oven!  Never in my life have I desired one of these heavy, and might I add expensive, enameled cast iron cookware.  Isn't it a beauty?   I guess I must be in the mood for soup... and expensive things, but that's not unusual.  These sell for about $235 on Amazon.   However, I was in Home Goods (I LOVE HG), and they had the same size for only $140.  So, what do I do?  Tell my upstairs neighbor of course.  He's an ex-chef, and is scouting out one.  I figure we can borrow his.  I don't have that kind of money for a pot!


Yes, it's a tea kettle.  Do I drink tea?  No, not really (only on occasion).  Jason does though.  I WANT this tea kettle.  Not one like this one, but this very one.  I don't want an ugly black plastic handle, or any other funky odd shape.  This one is absolutely perfect!  I'm waiting on the day it goes on sale at Amazon or magically appears in Home Goods.  Currently it is listed for 90 buckaroos on Amazon.  

Why do I want things I don't really use?  I don't know, maybe so I'll learn how to use them.  Those spice containers are a must have though!  I love anything that has to do with getting organized.  

Side note:
Tonight's dinner was Southwestern Stuffed Acorn Squash from www.eatingwell.com.  OMG!!  Let the picture speak for itself.  Everyone must try this!!

For more items on my wish list, visit my Amazon Wish List.  Feel free to buy me anything you would like.  ;)


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