Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Baby Showers Make Me Happy!

So the other day at work we threw a baby shower for one of our co-workers Megan (who's about to bust!).  I was able to give my first bow away...the yellow one.  Since then I have made two more bows, and I am quite proud of myself.  Anyone else having any babies?  Sorry mom and Karen no kids from me...not now anyway.

On another note, Jason and I are moving again!!  This will be our 3rd and hopefully final apartment in Philadelphia.  I do not recommend moving 4 times in your first year of marriage!!!  We moved into Philadelphia blindly and ended up in a sketchy part of town, but were stuck in a lease... hints all the moving around.  Were moving into a row home in East Falls, a quaint neighborhood a stone through away.  Still renting...blah.  I miss the south and its cheap beautiful houses.  :) 

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Fireworks + Friends = FUN!

This weekend some of Jason's friends, that I have also claimed as my own, came to visit us all the way from Alabama!  The best part is that I didn't really have to plan anything special since Philly already had a 4th of July line-up established.  I did have to plan the New York trip...I mean really, if you are from Alabama you can't come all the way to Philadelphia without making a stop in the Big Apple.  We had a great time!  

I'm going to try to post a video of the massive firework show on my facebook.  I tried to put it on here, but it's being retarded.  There was also a free concert by Sheryl Crow...sweet!  I love a bargain!  Having company visit was such a blessing, but I have to say I feel like I was just in a triathlon.  I can't remember my body ever being this sore!!

On a completely different note, I'm a little hairbow crazy right now.  I don't know what has come over me.  I don't even have a cute little girl to dress-up, but I spent at least $30 on ribbon the other day.  I'm hoping to start selling these suckers to a cutesy children's boutique, but my madness hasn't reached that level yet.  Here is my first bow!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

I'm Sticking To This One

This is the first of many blog attempts I have made over the years. Generally I never get past setting up my background (which is the best part, if I do say so myself). I have to say that I am doing a phenomenal job thus far! Just writing a post is progression for me. I do good at keeping up with my facebook alone, but don't fret I am determined to make this new blogspot work! I have had way too many complaints from family and friends back home that I must do something. I think its safe to say we are all agreeable that I pretty much stink at keeping in touch. To all who manage to read this, here goes yet another first attempt. Might I add, I'm actually pretty excited about this particular blog. I may even post tonight! Right now though I gotta keep it short.


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