Friday, February 25, 2011

A Nursery Rhyme Room

It's not very often that I share post centered around babies or their rooms, but from time to time I get a little itch.  Just ask my co-workers (love them)!  My dear friend and once college roommate has decorated her baby girl's room in lambs and is now on a quest to seek our Nursery Rhyme decor not only for herself, but for a baby shower that she is hosting for a friend.  They would like to incorporate some of the items they use in the shower into the babies nursery.

These prints were found on Dreamery Studio's Etsy store, and I LOVE them!!!  So classic!  Dreamery Studio is New York based, and most of their products are from books nearly 100 years or more old.  Aren't they fantastic!?  The frame is not included, but for only $8.50 per print I think we'll be okay.

Classics like these are not only for the nurseries.  Look at how this Red Riding Hood print is incorporated into this very grown-up living space.

Keeping with the nursery rhyme theme, ART doesn't always have to be something you hang on the wall.  It can be something you plug into the wall.  This Humpty Dumpty Veranda lamp is another Etsy find from Interior Designer Mia Ross at Dress My Shade.  Although these lamps are a little bit more on the expensive side, Dress My Shade is definitely worth checking out!  She had "grown-up" lamps too. 

Here is something more in lines with our budget: a night light.  Decorating is all about incorporating the details to make a well suited room.  Here we have yet another Humpty Dumpty lamp shade, but this time serving as a night light.  This can be found on Details and Fairy Tales Etsy site for $25.00

And what nursery is complete without pillows!?!

This one is our favorite!!  And they all lived...

Sweet Dreams!

Thursday, February 24, 2011

How Bout that Bookspace?

I once read to treat each shelf as its on individual display unit.  I find this to be true, however, this can be a design crisis when you (ehmm...your husband) have soo many books you're unwilling to part with.  Leaves little or no space for accessories.  How fortunate for you if you are one a the rare ones who's able to achieve this look with your current collection.

Photo via Shopstopstore

I {heart} this eclectic look of designer Michelle McCormick's book nook.  Such a rich and cozy atmosphere. I could definitely down some coffee in this corner.

Photo: Inspiration Resource via Graindit

Take note: when organizing a bookshelf keep in mind that books don't all have to be in the same direction.  Add some character and mix things up.  Try hanging art on the outside of shelves.

Photo: Trendey

And for all of those who aren't afraid of color, paint the inside of the shelves a contrasting color from the walls to make the shelves pop!  I loooove this room!!

Photo: House and Home via BlyDesign

For a really dramatic look, go for a floor to ceiling curtain.  This allows for you to close off or show off the space when desired.  Take advantage of limited space by building up the wall with large units.

Photo: Stagetecture

Since here at The Tiny Abode we are all about apartment style and tiny abode living, while being sure to incorporate functionality (when necessary), we chose bookshelves that suited smaller homes too. 

Finding spaces to store books can be challenging in apartments (that's an understatement).  I love how these books are stored in the kitchen cabinets and organized by color to create a visually pleasing statement.

Photo: Elle Decor via Chic Geek Design

Finally, we are ALL about multi-purpose / multi-functional rooms.  Here the dining space also serves as an office / library.  Perfect for a one bedroom apartment dweller.

 Photo: Adam Friedberg via Arch Inspire

Here again the room serves as an office / library / living space.  Like the photo below, we also used our bookshelf as a room divider.  You can read about it in our Creating Spaces post.  It does wonders for our living / dining / office... whateve space.

Photo: Domino via Dept.of the Interior

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I {heart}Design!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Geometric Patterns: Go Get You Some!

Every Magazine, Every Store, Everywhere...
Geometric patterns are HOT!!

I was never really good at geometry.  E = mc, what!?   A more simplified path may help lower the anxiety, otherwise known as a cheat sheet.  Shh...I won't tell.  Here are some patterns you may see popping up as you flip through your favorite magazines.


Photo: West Elm



Photo: House Beautiful

Photo: Bella Fine Design via Fancy House Road


 Photo: Trina Turk

Photo: Decor Pad


Photo: Decor Pad

Photo: Home Decor Budgetista

The equation is solved simply by adding some geometric patterns to your home!  I'd love to see pics from anyone who has accomplished this look.  I am dying for some navy trellis pillows!!

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Monday, February 21, 2011

Creating Spaces: A Shared Dining and Living Space

The Problem: Narrow Spaces = Angry Faces

As you can see, there is not much room for two people in this "walkway" leading to the kitchen area which is actually a part of the living room / dining area.  Bad idea on my part.  Jason and I are constantly running into one another in this space.  Even to open the refrigerator door, one of us must walk backwards to let the other one by or stand stagnant until the other is finished eye gazing into the fridge for a snack.

Here's what the living space looked like before: 

Not my dream living room, but arranging the furniture this way allowed for a larger living space which was what I thought I wanted at the time.  This living room has went through many, MANY arrangements.  I think we are starting to freak out our neighbors.  Every time they come down for a visit I think we put them in s slight stage of shock.  This place is never the same.  However, I think I have finally mastered the layout of this odd space.  

Living / Dining Space Achievement: 

Using this bookshelf as a room divider has separated the space into a functional living / dining area.  Leaving enough space on both sides resulting in non-claustrophobic happiness.

Living Room Shot: 

Here is the view from the couch.

And once Jason is finished working on his still life, the yellow table and lamp have plans to join the couch on the other side of the room.  This will open up yet another entryway to the kitchen.

 Breakfast / Dining Nook:

Check out all this SPACE!!  More than two people can now easily pass by to enter the kitchen.  Better yet, opening the refrigerator door no longer blocks entry to the kitchen.

Here we used an accent table as a cafe table...

   We now have a nice little nook to sip on some morning coffee, read a book, or even have an intimate dinner for two.  I'm debating on painting that wall a light shade of pink.  Jason is not digging the pink wall idea.  I think it would be romantic.  Just ONE simple accent wall.  What do you think?  I'm such a girl!

Friday, February 18, 2011

Philly Eats: Friday Saturday Sunday

Yes, I know it's the weekend, but I would like to introduce you to the restaurant!  Friday Saturday Sunday, otherwise known as FSS, is a Philly hot spot in the Rittenhouse Square location.  Claim to fame being their Cream of Mushroom soup.  

With this Monday being a holiday for most folks, it is an apt time to take advantage of their Sunday - Thursday prix fixe menu.  $30 bucks gets you a three course meal, my friends.  Best of all, their wine...
"At Friday Saturday Sunday, we believe that a great meal deserves an equally wonderful wine.
Every bottle is just $10 over cost." -Weaver Lilley, Owner

Happy Friday!!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Lovely Parents, Lovely Plates

I almost failed to post about these lovelies that were received from my dear mother on none other than Valentine's Day!  This package was two weeks overdue, so you can imagine my excitement.  We were really close to losing hope that the package would make it across the Mason Dixon Line.  You may recall a posting of mine from a while back, Tastefully Placed Plates.  These plates have big plans.  Time to start getting created!

With only one broken dish later, I think I would call this is a success story.  I {heart} the Wedgewood tea cup even if it is in three pieces. 

I hope your Valentine's Day was as sweet as mine!


Describing Your Furniture on Craigslist

I recently came across this very resourceful flowchart for posting furniture on Craigslist.  I can't remember what adorable blog I was stalking when I came across this list, but I was able to retrieve it by going to the Craigslist blog.  Holy Bananas!  Craigslist has a blog?!?  Why yes, they do.  Who knew?!

I've used Craigslist a number of times for buying, but mostly selling goods.  It's not nearly as scary as it may seem.  Just be smart when you're selling or buying.  I always make sure my husband is home when I schedule a time for a Craigslist pick-up.  Also, my cousin and dear friend Rebecca gave some good advise when shopping for furniture.  If the seller's house is nasty, most likely that couch is too.  We're not opposed to used furniture AT ALL.  We are however opposed to bed bugs, mites, and lice.  BE WISE, and Craigslist will be your new best friend.  I think my husband would validate my obsession.

Get Your Junk On!

Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentine's Day Review

My Valentine...

My View...

Dinner for Two...

 Jason and I celebrated Valentine's Day at Porcini's in Center City at 21st and Sansom.  A small Italian restaurant in an 1840s coach house owned by brother's and quite possibly the friendliest place I've dined.  Not to mention the food was delish! 

Pantone's Honeysuckle: Adding Love to Your Home

Happy Valentine's Day!!!  

Picture: My Heart Behaves

Love is in the air!  Can't you just feel it now?!  Nooo?  Hmmm... well that doesn't mean your home should suffer.  After all, Pantone did declare pink...Ah Hmmm...Honeysuckle the color of the year.  This Valentine's Day we rounded up some of our favorite ways to bring a little love into your home.


Picture: Sugar Monster

Picture: Artessen

Picture: Sunset


Picture via

Picture via Coco & Kelley

Photo via

Photo via Pinterest


Photo via

Photo via

Photo: Country Living


 Photo via The Green Blog

 Photo via

Photo: House Beautiful



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