Monday, February 21, 2011

Creating Spaces: A Shared Dining and Living Space

The Problem: Narrow Spaces = Angry Faces

As you can see, there is not much room for two people in this "walkway" leading to the kitchen area which is actually a part of the living room / dining area.  Bad idea on my part.  Jason and I are constantly running into one another in this space.  Even to open the refrigerator door, one of us must walk backwards to let the other one by or stand stagnant until the other is finished eye gazing into the fridge for a snack.

Here's what the living space looked like before: 

Not my dream living room, but arranging the furniture this way allowed for a larger living space which was what I thought I wanted at the time.  This living room has went through many, MANY arrangements.  I think we are starting to freak out our neighbors.  Every time they come down for a visit I think we put them in s slight stage of shock.  This place is never the same.  However, I think I have finally mastered the layout of this odd space.  

Living / Dining Space Achievement: 

Using this bookshelf as a room divider has separated the space into a functional living / dining area.  Leaving enough space on both sides resulting in non-claustrophobic happiness.

Living Room Shot: 

Here is the view from the couch.

And once Jason is finished working on his still life, the yellow table and lamp have plans to join the couch on the other side of the room.  This will open up yet another entryway to the kitchen.

 Breakfast / Dining Nook:

Check out all this SPACE!!  More than two people can now easily pass by to enter the kitchen.  Better yet, opening the refrigerator door no longer blocks entry to the kitchen.

Here we used an accent table as a cafe table...

   We now have a nice little nook to sip on some morning coffee, read a book, or even have an intimate dinner for two.  I'm debating on painting that wall a light shade of pink.  Jason is not digging the pink wall idea.  I think it would be romantic.  Just ONE simple accent wall.  What do you think?  I'm such a girl!


  1. You are so creative! And I love the pink wall idea ;) I'm so girly too!

  2. I love it! LOVE it. You did such a good job with that space! And I love that I can see your sidewalk chairs in action.

  3. much improved! But dang, your frig is in an odd spot! I know that's not your fault, and your certainly did a good job working around it!

    Thanks for your sweet comments recently... you put a smile on my face. Sorry I've been way busy, it makes it harder to visit my new blog friends.


  4. Thanks Everyone!! Jason is still totally opposed to the pink wall. I don't plan on painting unless we resign our lease for another year... so I'm not too anxious to get started on that project.

    Jason and I actually moved the refrigerator to that wall. Believe it or not, it was actually an improvement. It might as well have been in the living room. Awful. Hopefully we'll have a more functional kitchen by our next move.

    Thanks again!!

  5. Fantastic space planning! I love this!



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