Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Embracing My Abode

This incredible room was designed by Roland Bello, and if you ask me it falls nothing less than pure bliss.  

Ahh...just enjoy it's magnificence for a moment.

Ok, now that you had your moment, here's what I did.  So, I could not stand not knowing who created this wonderful piece of bed art, so I took it upon myself to email the designer of the room.  Surprisingly I got a rather quick response!  The bedding is from Anthropologie, and sadly only 4 seasons ago I could have purchased it for $228 buckaroos.  If only I was a time travelers' wife.  That bedding, no matter how much, would be in my bedroom right now!   I absolutely love it!!

In somewhat of relation, I have decided to end my apartment in the city search.  "What!?" you ask.  Yes its true.  I will pardon my concrete jungle neighborhood in lieu of tree lined streets in the city and take delight in what large space I have in consideration to the much smaller apartments we viewed.  For at least the next year, Jason and I will make this our happy little home, and I have even considered sprucing up the place!  Maybe I'll be the next House Tour on Apartment Therapy.  Benjamin Moore, here I come!

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Everyday Hiccups!

I feel like I am scrambling day-to-day with distractions all around me trying to interrupt and at times even take over the type of person God intends for me to be.  I like to think of these distractions as hiccups!  Some of my distractions are apartment searching, home design websites, shopping, and I'd be lying if I didn't include Facebook!!  At first the hiccups or distractions are  somewhat entertaining, but as time passes by they can become gruelling and lend nothing to my soul.  So I have come to the conclusion that I need a daily devotional to help contribute to keeping me on the right course.  Preferably, I'd like to find an online devotion for women.   I have found one that I am reading now, but I'd like to explore others as well.  Ideas?  Anyone?

Here is the one I'm just beginning to explore.   

On another note, I am trying to find what I have been referring to as a disc necklace.  Fashionistas may have another name for it.  Basically it would include a dainty gold chain, a disc charm with the word 'truth' or 'believe' etched into it's circle.  I'd also like to add a couple of other charms like a cross or one of those Jesus fishes.  They seem to be semi-popular right now, like this one at Private Gallery's store in Birmingham, AL.

Aren't they cute... well, I think so.  It's hard to find meaningful jewelry that is also fashionable.  I would like for mine to have a little more color to it.  I've also seen similar products at Forever 21.  

Man, I keep stumbling upon one thing after another.  I must have the hiccups!  As I was scanning through Internet Cafe (my new devotional), I came across another cool website/blog called Wild Olive.  They're giving away $75 dollars worth of Christian hipster tees.  Go check 'em out!   

Sunday, July 11, 2010


I don't know how this girl does it, but I'm lovin' it! She definitely has a gift of mixing all kinds of different patterns and being able to make it look nothing less than fab! You can check out the entire house tour at Apartment Therapy.

Jason and I are looking into moving to another neighborhood in Philadelphia. Therefore, we have opted not to paint our current apartment until we know for a fact whether or not we will for sure be staying or getting the heck out of dodge. Its July, and we still haven't resigned our lease. I for one am excited, and I'm really looking forward to the possibility of living in the Art Museum district. Its where Jason originally wanted to live, and makes total sense that we live in an area which supports the arts. What was I thinking? I should have listened. Tree lined streets, the Schuylkill River, and Whole Foods... all awesome.

Also, they have some excellent cafes that we could simply walk to and parking is free!! On weekends you can find some fabulous flea markets, which I'm hoping to start going to.
We have an appointment on Tuesday to view a basement unit in a brownstone row home. Basement units kind of scare me... no windows, yikes! But the rent is actually cheaper than what we pay now! Who knew living in the city could actually be within our price range!!

In other happenings, Jason and I had the best date night in King of Prussia... long overdue. We started with drinks at Bahama Breeze, did some browsing in Nordstrom Rack, and finished the night with Toy Story 3, in 3D of course. Ahhh, how I miss the suburbs from time to time.


Friday, July 2, 2010

Summatime Project... yes!?

I often find myself wandering around home decor stores that I can't quiet afford with my camera in my hand snapping shots of inspiration. The other day while in Pottery Barn I saw this piece and almost started drooling right there in the store.

Now, I may be getting ahead of myself, but I seriously think I have a chance of making this... well at least a replica. Craigslist post listings of wooden pallets in their free section all the time. And Jomar has awesome fabric sales. A little foam from Lowe's, a staple gun, and a little elbow grease should do the trick. I just don't know where to purchase legs?? I'll just google it.

Here's another fab item I fell in love with...

However, my pocket book couldn't afford this lovely $300 lamp, so I purchased this one instead at Home Goods (my love). Not as lovely as the one above, but it does the trick. That is if you can look past the horrible photo.

I know my husband loves me because THIS is what I got for my birthday in May!! Please ignore the tacky window unit and dorm like furniture. That's my next project.

My hope is to buy some tier tables like these which will also help store all of our books. I already bought three frames from Michael's to go over the bed. Props to Elle Decor for posting this on their website. I know I am a far stretch from here, but I'm getting there piece by piece.


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