Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Embracing My Abode

This incredible room was designed by Roland Bello, and if you ask me it falls nothing less than pure bliss.  

Ahh...just enjoy it's magnificence for a moment.

Ok, now that you had your moment, here's what I did.  So, I could not stand not knowing who created this wonderful piece of bed art, so I took it upon myself to email the designer of the room.  Surprisingly I got a rather quick response!  The bedding is from Anthropologie, and sadly only 4 seasons ago I could have purchased it for $228 buckaroos.  If only I was a time travelers' wife.  That bedding, no matter how much, would be in my bedroom right now!   I absolutely love it!!

In somewhat of relation, I have decided to end my apartment in the city search.  "What!?" you ask.  Yes its true.  I will pardon my concrete jungle neighborhood in lieu of tree lined streets in the city and take delight in what large space I have in consideration to the much smaller apartments we viewed.  For at least the next year, Jason and I will make this our happy little home, and I have even considered sprucing up the place!  Maybe I'll be the next House Tour on Apartment Therapy.  Benjamin Moore, here I come!


  1. LOVE the photo! Anthropologie is great. If I had the zillion dollars it would take, I'd buy everything in their store :)



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