Saturday, November 3, 2012

Must-have-coffee-table... Stat

It is time to introduce my living room (as seen here) to a new friend, and to give the hubs something other than the floor to place his finished yogurt container.  For the love!  Seriously, the garbage can is ten steps away.  He's wonderful, I can't complain.  Heck, it's my fault that I've gone this long without a proper piece of living room furniture.  Yes, my friends, I'm talking about a coffee table.  But I don't want just any coffee table.  No, no, no. That would be too easy.  I want a beautiful wood carved Moroccan coffee table with intricate details that cost a bazillion dollars.    

 Such as...

 Photo via Saffron and Silk

Or like this one which was placed in a living space designed by one of my favorite designers, Windsor Smith.  

Then there is always the option to explore stores like West Elm, Anthropologie  or even Material Culture (if you are lucky enough to live in Philadelphia). The table below is from West Elm and is nearly perfect in my opinion.  It could really work in my current space.

 Photo: West Elm

Although these stores are really great, this girl is on a budget.  So, I'm hoping the Land o' World Wide Web will meet me where my pockets end.  That or a flea market.   First stop, Craigslist.  The closest piece I could find that had that Moroccan style was this one.  However, I need a coffee table, not an end table. 

 This table is a small in scale, but has some nice details.  It could definitely be painted.

Then there's this one that could also use some fixing-up. Right size and shape.  Some detail, but not exactly what I'm looking for.

I know they are not totally the same, but it's the closest I could find on Craigslist.  I think with a little TLC, they could possibly work.  Could I do a DIY?  Would I even dare?  Eek!  I love the spirit of DIY-ers, but as I've mentioned before, I'm a self-proclaimed BIY-er (BUY IT YOURSELF)!  I don't know where people find the time and energy.  Oh how I wish I was a teacher again and had my summers off!   Dream on, sister! I think if I were to purchase any of the above, it would have to be the first one.  Even though it's not a coffee table, it has the look I'm going for.  Maybe I'll have better luck at Clover Market tomorrow!!  I want the real deal!  I hear they are going to have a lot of antique dealers at this upcoming market. 

Wish me luck!


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