Sunday, January 22, 2012

Happy Chinese New Year!

People around the world today will be celebrating the Chinese New Year welcoming the Year of the Dragon.  I do not know much about the culture and history of the Chinese New Year, but I do have a healthy appreciation for ancient Chinese design.    

I spotted this Foo Dog while shopping at Packards Antiques in Huntsville, Alabama over the Christmas holidays (note the tree).  I thought it was absolutely fabulous!  I wish I would have checked the price!  If I could get it past airport security without it shattering to pieces, it would be guarding my apartment now.

Here's a game you can play when your slumming through your Monday morning blues.  Can you spot the Foo!?!

Kristy Lee Interiors...

Naomi at Design Manifest...

Cullman and Kravis... you just can't miss it! 

Miles Redd...

Photo via Sketch 42 Blog

Ruth Summers on the cover of her book... 

Photo via Sweet Chameleon

Monday, January 16, 2012

I have a dream... Painted Floors

Whoa!  Where'd you guys go!?  It's been weeks if not months since we last spoke.  Ok, maybe that's a bit my fault {totally my fault}.  After the holidays, I crash!  Onto recovery!  After being spoiled in Alabama, I am forced to come back to Pennsylvania only to be submerged in my career.  Day jobs...pshh.  Who needs them?  {I do!}  Speaking of careers, I hope you are all off enjoying this beautiful holiday in honor of a truly great man, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr!  Jason had to go to school... what's up with that?   If you are interested in ways you can serve and are in the Philadelphia area, go here.

Long weekends like these give me time to take a good look at my unconventional apartment and start dreaming up ways to make this challenging space swoon worthy!  Like say... painted floors!

I wonder if my landlord would go for it!?  Highly unlikely, but it's fun to dream!  What are you dreaming up for your space?  Feel free to send me an email with pics and I'd love to share!


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