Wednesday, August 31, 2011

An Unmotivated Entry

Sorry folks for being so MIA lately.  Truthfully, I'm just not feeling very motivated to blog.  It could be due to my recent promotion... whuuuuut?  That's right, this girl got promoted!  However, with promotions come stress, thus leading to a neglected blog.  Don't worry though (not that you really were) this is not the end of The Tiny Abode.  Once I adjust to my new life, I'm sure my rhythm will be adjusted. 

Tonight I a made Simple Baked Fish with House Seasoning for dinner.

I found this recipe over at Gone With the Whisk blog.  Simple Baked Fish really owned up to its name.  It really was quite simple to fix.  Just be sure not to over season.  I tend to have a problem with that.  I made four tilapias rather than two and doubled the recipe.  I would suggest using the same amount of seasoning as the recipe calls for when baking four fillets.  Another problem I have is making fish that my husband actually enjoys.  Does anyone have another easy and tasty fish recipe?

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Clover Market... Flea Marketing at it's Best!

Have you heard?

Better yet, have you been?  If rumors are true and little birdies are singing the right tune, then this is flea market heaven!  Would you expect anything less coming from the Mainline?  I think not.  Even the video is pure delight!

(Note the Auburn fan on minute 2:42.  It must be a fabulous place to shop!!)

Our friends Modern Bird Jewelry and Baby Jives will both be participating in this artful event.  And don't you worry all you Phila Flea Market shoppers.  Clover Market is on Sundays so you will get a double dose of flea market frenzie! 

Let me know if you are interested in going!  Maybe we can organize a time to meet-up, talk design, and show off our goodies!!!   Email me at if you are interested.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Oh Joy Philadelphia: Link Love

As promised, here is a link to all the lovely and talented gals who attended the AIGA Oh Joy! workshop in Philadelphia.  Be sure to check out their pages.  By the way, where were all the fellows?  Don't hold out on us, men.  We know you got killer talents too!

 Photo Courtesy: AIGA Philadelphia

 I am so HAPPY to now have a whole hand full of graphic designers to go crying to if I ever begin this grueling header project!

Artisan / Craft
Heidi Lowe Gallery, home MADE ,jennspen
Food Enthusiasts
Graphic Design 
  Laura Novak ,The Refrain, Women's Collaborative Circle

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P.S.  I've already had a few people contact me about having a Philly Meet-up group.  Particularly those with a design interests, but all would be welcome.  If you are interested in pulling together a group like this or have a place we could use, please contact me.  I would love to chat!

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Oh Joy! - Blog Workshop Philadelphia

This past Monday night was spent at Moore College of Art in Philadelphia for an Oh Joy! blogging workshop hosted by AIGA Philadelphia.

I met some lovely ladies with similar interests...

Joy was a total rockstar! I will be sharing more about what went on at the workshop in a future post.  Also be on the watch for a blogger link-up for all of those who attended the workshop.  I cannot wait until I get a moment to check out every last blog!


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