Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Clover Market... Flea Marketing at it's Best!

Have you heard?

Better yet, have you been?  If rumors are true and little birdies are singing the right tune, then this is flea market heaven!  Would you expect anything less coming from the Mainline?  I think not.  Even the video is pure delight!

(Note the Auburn fan on minute 2:42.  It must be a fabulous place to shop!!)

Our friends Modern Bird Jewelry and Baby Jives will both be participating in this artful event.  And don't you worry all you Phila Flea Market shoppers.  Clover Market is on Sundays so you will get a double dose of flea market frenzie! 

Let me know if you are interested in going!  Maybe we can organize a time to meet-up, talk design, and show off our goodies!!!   Email me at if you are interested.

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