My Story...

My first taste of interior decorating manifested as a young child.  I found myself flipping through the pages of my mom's precious Southern Living magazines, staring at the house plans for hours, allowing my imagination to navigate throughout the corridors of what could very well be my future.  I was enthralled!!

Although design was a love of mine, I decided to study Early Childhood Ed. at Auburn University and received a Masters of Ed.  I am now continuing my studies at Eastern University in Special Ed. and working as an Early Intervention Lead Service Coordinator in the city of Philadelphia.  In my small home-town, I was told that maintaining a career in design would not be attainable.  Stepping outside of those walls, I now know that is a naive way of thinking.  I decided to study education due to it's flexibility allowing me to focus on what I value in life: family, home, and summers off! 

In the summer of 2008 I married the man of my dreams, Jason.  Shortly after we packed our suitcases and drove 900 miles North in a U-Haul with a futon, bed, and a car in tow.  Upon our arrival to Philadelphia, and much to our surprise, a tiny studio apartment awaited us.  My idea of "studio w/ loft" was that of a New York style loft.  Needless to say, I was wrong and in shock!  We moved three times within that first year of living in this city.  Crazy!

In 2009, I began blogging about my everyday musings of life in Philadelphia as well as the love and frustrations of apartment style living.  Jason is now in his fourth year in the professional program at Studio Incamminati, as I am learning to embrace my tiny abode.  I try my best to inspire others, and it is my hope to bring a touch of Southern Charm to the city, no matter the location, style or size. Embrace your abode!


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