Thursday, July 28, 2011

A Hollywood Haven... in Homewood, AL!

Jason is helping his cousin this weekend with a big move from NYC to Home Sweet Birmingham!  I guess all this talk about moving made me a little home sick.   I quickly remedied that feeling with a little real estate therapy (turned obsession).  Here's what I found:

 If I were to buy a house tomorrow, I think it would be this one!!  I know the outside is quiet underwhelming.  However, for a first time home, it rocks my socks!  The inside of the house is what really wooed me.  I could definitely see myself playing designer here!

I especially like the views from room to room. Oh, and the french doors, the light fixtures, the neutral pallet on the walls.  That's it.  I'm moving in!  All the work is already done for me!

The kitchen could use a little work...some new appliances for sure!  And I'm really not liking the placement of the refrigerator. It's a little awkward in my opinion.

I do like that the sink is under a window.  Every sink deserves a window!

Overall, I think this house is quiet the charmer.  Take a peek at the bedrooms.  Nice wood floors.  An additional bath in one of the bedrooms.  And once again, the windows are nice size.

The sun-room is most definitely a bonus!  We could definitely convert this into an office / art space.

If that wasn't convincing enough, this house is in the Homewood School District, has a nice size back yard, a patio, and a deck!  After living in a large metro area, you grow a deep appreciation for outdoor space, not to mention nice school districts.  Oh and air conditioner!  How could I forget!?

So what do you think?  Is it worth the 883 mile drive back to the south!?  Let's just hope this house stays on the market for another year or two!  For our sake, poor homeowners.

All pictures via Trulia

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Design Crisis: Business Cards

HELP!!!!  Did that get your attention?  I hope so, because I'm having a design meltdown (and it has nothing to do with my apartment)!  Nine days from today I will be attending the Oh Joy Rx Blogging & Social Media Workshop with the infamous social medialite, Joy Cho.  For those of you who do not know Joy, check out her blog, Oh Joy to see what she's all about!  

Ok, so why the meltdown?  A few days ago I received a message in my inbox from Joy requesting that all attendees bring about 40 business cards.  Say wha??  Ok, makes total sense.  However being a newbie to the blogosphere, I'm feeling in over my head.

So I went over to Tiny Prints (seems suiting for The Tiny Abode), and here's what I came up with.

So, why the freak out?  They're cute!  Yes, Tiny Prints is awesome, but ten of these cost $15!!  Yikes!  I need an alternative, and I need one fast!!  Can you help?  I've tried Vista, Overnight Prints, etc., etc., etc., All no good.  They're just a little too generic for me.  I need something that will hold it's own, and I need them by August 1st!  Suggestions?  Please??

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Decorating with Faux Bamboo

So we are still crushing on some good old fashion faux bamboo!  This look never ceases to please!
 Mary McDonald might as well be known for her keen attraction to faux bamboo.  Oh wait, she is!  Can you  blame the girl? I'm sure alot of you have seen these images before, but for those of you who haven not, feel free to indulge!!  I really can't get enough of her.  My sweet husband even surprised me by purchasing her latest book.  The mail man can't get here soon enough!

All photos: Mary McDonald

So, are you as sold as I am?  I drool at the site of faux bamboo!  Take this 1950s outdoor dinette for example.   I would die to have this set on my back deck.  Doesn't it make you want to chug a pitcher of lemonade!?   It's soo hot!  Hmmm.... now, if I could only get my hands on $6400!!  That's how much it cost to take this baby home, and that's not including tax or shipping!

Photo: 1STDIBS

However, don't fret!  Seriously, stop fretting, and just go to the thrift store already!!  Remember my $10 chair from Impact?

And my coffee / nesting tables from the Philadelphia Flea Market!!  Which come to find out, resale for a pretty penny!  Score!  But I don't think I'll be letting go of them anytime soon.

All of that, just to show you this!  My latest scavenge at yet another thrift store, The Second Mile.  These faux bamboo nesting tables need a good scrub, and I will most likely refinish them.  However, for $15 for all three, I'm happy!  This exact set just sold for $75 on ebay.  Good buy, but $15 is a great buy! 

The obsession must end soon!  I have little room to spare in my one bedroom apartment!!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Little Crown Interiors ROCK Nursery Design

When it comes to nursery design, Naomi and Gerri from Little Crown Interiors are your go to gals!  These girls seriously rock!  They even design for one of my favorite children's boutique Rosenberry Rooms.  I have been obsessing (what's new?) over this whimsical nursery designed for former boxer Laila Ali and NFL star Curtis Conway's baby daughter Sydney.

 Photo Courtesy: Little Crown Interiors

Everything about this room is gorgeous!

Monday, July 18, 2011

Unclutter: Organizing Your Closet

We can't all have a Carrie Bradshaw closet,

...but a girl can dream, right!?

This weekend for me was all about order.  It's amazing how much one can accumulate after three years!  Prior to moving to Philadelphia, Jason and I had an enormous yard sale selling nearly everything we owned. We've probably accumulated three times what we started with.  What gives!?  How does this happen?

Having order is a daily task, or if you choose not to make it one, you're summoned to be a hoarder. 
Therefore, I am forbidding myself to buying anymore flea market finds, must have dresses, and that extra pair of shoes that I just can't live without!  Simply stepping foot into Target is dangerous!

Before I buy, I must unclutter!

On a recent trip to NYC to see Jason's family, I learned of a book to help with all this clutter, Unclutter Your Life in One Week.  Whoa, a miracle all in one tiny package.  Jason's cousins, like us, live in a tiny one bedroom apartment, but in Brooklyn... with a BABY!!  How do people do it!?

Living in a small space has definitely challenged my thinking as to what is a necessity verses a really strong desire.  I really don't need those shoes.  So this weekend, it began....

All contents from within my closet were ripped out an thrown onto the bed into a giant organized mess!  Damn, where did all these clothes come from?

Separating the haves from the have-nots.

What is to be consigned and what is to be dumped (or donated, if you're like me and can't bare the thought of some perfectly (although used) item going to the landfill to waste away.

The last thing I want to do is bore you with a generic "How to organize your closet" post, but I will tell you some things that I found most beneficial:

1.) Think quick!  Have I worn this in the last year?  If not, donate.
2.) Don't hold on to something for too long.  You will grow an emotional attachment to it. 
3.) Order people, we need order.  Organize by item, then by color.  Dresses go with dresses.
4.) Use the same hangers.  It saves space and looks neater.  Wire hangers must die!  Get rid of them now!
5.) Use what you have! Like a bookshelf for a shoe rack!  Perfect. 

And Tada!

I'm no Carrie Bradshaw, but for a married couple in one tiny space I feel pretty proud!  And check out my shoes!  Before they were all thrown together in a hamper (shoe blasphemy)!  Not ideal at all!  I would have to dump the hamper out every morning in order to find a match.  Now they have their very own happy space.

For more tips on how to become an unclutterer visit this cool site.  My favorite section is Weekend Projects.

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Bastille Day Street Festival... Let Them Eat Cake!

Eastern State Penitentiary in Fairmount  (2020 Fairmount Ave) will be hosting the Bastille Day Street Festival from 2:00 - 6:00 today.  Come join the reenactment of the the French Revolutionaries Storming of the Bastille and Marie Antoinette's cry, "Let them eat cake" (or if your in Philly, Tastykakes)!

To be frank, I'm more excited about the French Food than the reenactment!  Local restaurants in the Fairmount area such as The Belgian Cafe, Bishop's Collar, Rembrandt's, and Trio just to name a few, will be participating in the French fare festivities.  I may just get my Eggs Benedict I've been craving!

Why we're going...

Well other than my cravings, Studio Incamminati will also be participating in the Bastille Day Street Festival. Visit there blog, here.  As many of you know, my hubs is an artist, and he will be a part of the Studio Incamminati En Plein Aire Artists. 

Fortunately for us, events such as these force us out of bed on a Saturday morning.   I can't wait to see all the powdered faces, fluffed wigs, and Marie Antoinette imposters.  It should be good!

Thursday, July 14, 2011

My Heart is Set

Don't you hate it when you have your heart set on the perfect print, the perfect color , or in my case the perfect sham.  Oh yes, I will not spend a dime until I find the perfect Kelly Wearstler Imperial Trellis European sham (HUGE thanks to Ashley for the pointer).  And if when I find the perfect pillow, I may very well spend a fortune.  It's an investment!

Photo: Schumacher via Rdeco

Turns out I've been smitten on this print since February, as blogged about here.   I had just forgotten about it with all the other lovely distractions in life: duvet shopping, Lonny magazine July/Aug issue, and Pinterest!  You follow?

I have searched high and low for a set of European shams in this exact or nearly identical print.  The one pictured below is a beauty sold by WillaSkyeHome on Etsy.  She has an Ahh-mazing collection.  Seriously, I could pretty much spend a month's (or two) paycheck at her store alone!  One problem, they are not Euro shams {cue sad face}.  These are 20 x 20, and I must have 26 x 26.  Six more inches really does make a world of difference. 
 Photo: WillaSkyeHome

I'm almost tempted to purchase the fabric myself but... ok, two problems. It's expensive!  And since I have no sewing capabilities what-so-ever, I am staying far, far away from that idea.  So if any of you design enthusiast have any further pointers, I'd love to hear what you have to say!  However, keep in mind that I'm not a huge fan of DIY.  I prefer BIY (Buy It Yourself).  I'd die for your patience!

On that note, here's a little Kelly Wearstler Imperial Trellis eye candy for your enjoyment.

Photo: Style Court via Mrs. Ang

Photo: DecorPad

Photo: via Meghan Blum

I hope everyone has a HAPPY Friday!


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