Thursday, July 28, 2011

A Hollywood Haven... in Homewood, AL!

Jason is helping his cousin this weekend with a big move from NYC to Home Sweet Birmingham!  I guess all this talk about moving made me a little home sick.   I quickly remedied that feeling with a little real estate therapy (turned obsession).  Here's what I found:

 If I were to buy a house tomorrow, I think it would be this one!!  I know the outside is quiet underwhelming.  However, for a first time home, it rocks my socks!  The inside of the house is what really wooed me.  I could definitely see myself playing designer here!

I especially like the views from room to room. Oh, and the french doors, the light fixtures, the neutral pallet on the walls.  That's it.  I'm moving in!  All the work is already done for me!

The kitchen could use a little work...some new appliances for sure!  And I'm really not liking the placement of the refrigerator. It's a little awkward in my opinion.

I do like that the sink is under a window.  Every sink deserves a window!

Overall, I think this house is quiet the charmer.  Take a peek at the bedrooms.  Nice wood floors.  An additional bath in one of the bedrooms.  And once again, the windows are nice size.

The sun-room is most definitely a bonus!  We could definitely convert this into an office / art space.

If that wasn't convincing enough, this house is in the Homewood School District, has a nice size back yard, a patio, and a deck!  After living in a large metro area, you grow a deep appreciation for outdoor space, not to mention nice school districts.  Oh and air conditioner!  How could I forget!?

So what do you think?  Is it worth the 883 mile drive back to the south!?  Let's just hope this house stays on the market for another year or two!  For our sake, poor homeowners.

All pictures via Trulia

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