Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Brooklyn, Brooklyn, Where've you been?

Lately my Facebook page and Instagram is getting a lot more attention than what started all this madness, my blog.  Blog, you are not a middle child, like myself.  Well, maybe you are, but I will give you the content that your audience craves.  

It's Flea Market Season, Y'all!

Brooklyn Flea came to Philly, and they BROUGHT it!  

Ooooo... I love a pretty bird cage.  I'd throw a terrarium up in that!  The chair was $10.  TEN DOLLARS!!!  A seat cushion is the easiest thing in the world to reupholster and a quick and cheap face-lift.  I would use it as a desk chair.  Should of bought it.  Darn.

Here is some more flea market eye candy... 


If I had money falling out of my armpits (did I just say that... I'm going with it), this is what I would buy... 


My faves...


I know your eyes must be glued to that pink and black dress... think again... that's a jumpsuit!  LOVE it, but I am not that brave.  Well, not $130 brave.  Maybe if it was $30 I wouldn't feel so bad purchasing it, knowing that what it would take to convince myself to throw it on before work.  Yes, I'm the crazy girl that would actually wear this to work!  My non-profit agency would not know how to handle all this awesomeness.  Ok, I think you get that I love it.  I won't shut-up about it!


Don't skimp on the textiles... 


Most vendors at flea markets have prices reduced to wholesale value.  These woven textiles would easily sale for $100 at Pottery Barn.  I can't remember the exact price, but I do remember thinking, "What a steal!"  I couldn't justify buying it for myself, but I think it would be a great house warming gift!


Best Advice...


Shop with friends!  There's nothing like having a gal pal to keep you laughing as you rummage through vintage goods and imagine how your Great Aunt Sal used to make do with a rotary phone!!  What is that, anyways!?!

Friends can be inspiring also, especially when they kinda do this or are on there way of being artisans / designers for a living!  Having insight other than your own is a wonderful thing!  I love to listen to other peoples ideas on how they would dress-up an item. 

 And don't be intimidated by bringing a babe along.  They're fun and super cute!!

The Brooklyn Flea Market is going to be in Philly every Sunday in Northern Liberties at the Piazza at Schmidt's.  10AM - 5PM.  Rain or shine.

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