Sunday, January 12, 2014

SMS: Super Mom Syndrome

I recently signed up for Apartment Therapy's January Cure putting rather high expectations on myself.    We definitely have been putting our fair share into organizing our tiny abode in preparation for baby (Holy Heck!  Am I 35 weeks already!?), but by no means am I following the guidelines or email notifications that Apartment Therapy has been sending me (in which I signed up for).  On the other hand, I think that you should!  It's really a great tool, but there are WAY too many distractions and baby preparations going down in this apartment to seriously follow the this year's January Cure.  Being a perfectionist, I can't help but be a bit disappointed that I was not able to meet this expectation.  News Flash to Self:  I am not a Super Mom nor Super Woman for that matter. 

Now let's all take a moment to breathe, shall we?

If you follow my Facebook page, you will recognize this cute lil' cloud (available here).  This is one of the inspiration pieces I have found while designing our Sunshine themed nursery.  You can read more about our nursery inspiration here.  

This weekend we managed to attend a pregnancy preparation course... WOWZA!  The videos I watched.  Nuff said.  Thank God I now have this glider to come home to... in which I will be sure to practice my pelvic tilt rocking and breathing exercises.  

And here's where it gets real, Y'all!  This was and practically still is our current state of the room we refer to as "the nursery."  Oh, yes.  As hard as it is to tell, it's coming along!  Jason, the hubs / soon to be new dad, has been doing a great job applying layers of perfection into this massive piece of furniture.  

It's hard to tell now, but we are using Behr's Nocturnal Sea.  

Also, if you look really hard, you may even spy a crib.  More on that later.  5 WEEKS (at least I hope)!!!


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