Thursday, July 21, 2011

Decorating with Faux Bamboo

So we are still crushing on some good old fashion faux bamboo!  This look never ceases to please!
 Mary McDonald might as well be known for her keen attraction to faux bamboo.  Oh wait, she is!  Can you  blame the girl? I'm sure alot of you have seen these images before, but for those of you who haven not, feel free to indulge!!  I really can't get enough of her.  My sweet husband even surprised me by purchasing her latest book.  The mail man can't get here soon enough!

All photos: Mary McDonald

So, are you as sold as I am?  I drool at the site of faux bamboo!  Take this 1950s outdoor dinette for example.   I would die to have this set on my back deck.  Doesn't it make you want to chug a pitcher of lemonade!?   It's soo hot!  Hmmm.... now, if I could only get my hands on $6400!!  That's how much it cost to take this baby home, and that's not including tax or shipping!

Photo: 1STDIBS

However, don't fret!  Seriously, stop fretting, and just go to the thrift store already!!  Remember my $10 chair from Impact?

And my coffee / nesting tables from the Philadelphia Flea Market!!  Which come to find out, resale for a pretty penny!  Score!  But I don't think I'll be letting go of them anytime soon.

All of that, just to show you this!  My latest scavenge at yet another thrift store, The Second Mile.  These faux bamboo nesting tables need a good scrub, and I will most likely refinish them.  However, for $15 for all three, I'm happy!  This exact set just sold for $75 on ebay.  Good buy, but $15 is a great buy! 

The obsession must end soon!  I have little room to spare in my one bedroom apartment!!


  1. I'm right there with ya on this trend! As you know I just scored bamboo chairs, but I also have bamboo stools and a bamboo bar cart. 3 categories is my limit, so I'm done with the faux bamboo, but I sure love it.
    Your stuff looks great!

  2. Bamboo bar carts are my faaavorite!! Lucky YOU! Yes, three and I am maxed out! Thanks!

  3. thanks for opening my eyes to the world of faux bamboo. Now I desperately want a delicate faux bamboo desk. Or maybe a golden faux bamboo cart to display some of my favorite tea cups and herb/flower infused water. What is your favorite bamboo piece?

  4. Hey Alexis! I love it all!! Right now I'm desperately in love with the patio set!! However, I'm not allowing myself to make anymore purchases until I sell some of my overcrowding furniture... before I become a bamboo hoarder! A desk would be beautiful! I'd lacquer it up in a pretty color!

  5. Ahhh! I have two of the exact bar stools but in the original gold paint. I found mine on a local classified ad site, and paid $5 each. I would offer you something for yours, however, I don't have that much money! Maybe when I make my millions, I'll make an offer....but, I'm sure you're like me and love the chair too much to let it go.
    PS: I just picked up a Faux bamboo Greek Key patio set for $50...

  6. Cains, hello there! I love your excitment! I'm so glad you joined the faux bamboo party! My chair is also a bar stool, and yes I'm a bit attached. Lucky you for scoring two!! I'd love to see some pics.

  7. Is the link to the pic of my bar stools. And, the same patio furniture I found for $50 can be found at

  8. Wow...I'm amazed!! What a deal! I love it!! And you are absolutely right, our bar stools might as well be sisters. :)



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