Sunday, July 25, 2010

Everyday Hiccups!

I feel like I am scrambling day-to-day with distractions all around me trying to interrupt and at times even take over the type of person God intends for me to be.  I like to think of these distractions as hiccups!  Some of my distractions are apartment searching, home design websites, shopping, and I'd be lying if I didn't include Facebook!!  At first the hiccups or distractions are  somewhat entertaining, but as time passes by they can become gruelling and lend nothing to my soul.  So I have come to the conclusion that I need a daily devotional to help contribute to keeping me on the right course.  Preferably, I'd like to find an online devotion for women.   I have found one that I am reading now, but I'd like to explore others as well.  Ideas?  Anyone?

Here is the one I'm just beginning to explore.   

On another note, I am trying to find what I have been referring to as a disc necklace.  Fashionistas may have another name for it.  Basically it would include a dainty gold chain, a disc charm with the word 'truth' or 'believe' etched into it's circle.  I'd also like to add a couple of other charms like a cross or one of those Jesus fishes.  They seem to be semi-popular right now, like this one at Private Gallery's store in Birmingham, AL.

Aren't they cute... well, I think so.  It's hard to find meaningful jewelry that is also fashionable.  I would like for mine to have a little more color to it.  I've also seen similar products at Forever 21.  

Man, I keep stumbling upon one thing after another.  I must have the hiccups!  As I was scanning through Internet Cafe (my new devotional), I came across another cool website/blog called Wild Olive.  They're giving away $75 dollars worth of Christian hipster tees.  Go check 'em out!   

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