Thursday, February 24, 2011

How Bout that Bookspace?

I once read to treat each shelf as its on individual display unit.  I find this to be true, however, this can be a design crisis when you (ehmm...your husband) have soo many books you're unwilling to part with.  Leaves little or no space for accessories.  How fortunate for you if you are one a the rare ones who's able to achieve this look with your current collection.

Photo via Shopstopstore

I {heart} this eclectic look of designer Michelle McCormick's book nook.  Such a rich and cozy atmosphere. I could definitely down some coffee in this corner.

Photo: Inspiration Resource via Graindit

Take note: when organizing a bookshelf keep in mind that books don't all have to be in the same direction.  Add some character and mix things up.  Try hanging art on the outside of shelves.

Photo: Trendey

And for all of those who aren't afraid of color, paint the inside of the shelves a contrasting color from the walls to make the shelves pop!  I loooove this room!!

Photo: House and Home via BlyDesign

For a really dramatic look, go for a floor to ceiling curtain.  This allows for you to close off or show off the space when desired.  Take advantage of limited space by building up the wall with large units.

Photo: Stagetecture

Since here at The Tiny Abode we are all about apartment style and tiny abode living, while being sure to incorporate functionality (when necessary), we chose bookshelves that suited smaller homes too. 

Finding spaces to store books can be challenging in apartments (that's an understatement).  I love how these books are stored in the kitchen cabinets and organized by color to create a visually pleasing statement.

Photo: Elle Decor via Chic Geek Design

Finally, we are ALL about multi-purpose / multi-functional rooms.  Here the dining space also serves as an office / library.  Perfect for a one bedroom apartment dweller.

 Photo: Adam Friedberg via Arch Inspire

Here again the room serves as an office / library / living space.  Like the photo below, we also used our bookshelf as a room divider.  You can read about it in our Creating Spaces post.  It does wonders for our living / dining / office... whateve space.

Photo: Domino via Dept.of the Interior

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I {heart}Design!

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