Friday, February 25, 2011

A Nursery Rhyme Room

It's not very often that I share post centered around babies or their rooms, but from time to time I get a little itch.  Just ask my co-workers (love them)!  My dear friend and once college roommate has decorated her baby girl's room in lambs and is now on a quest to seek our Nursery Rhyme decor not only for herself, but for a baby shower that she is hosting for a friend.  They would like to incorporate some of the items they use in the shower into the babies nursery.

These prints were found on Dreamery Studio's Etsy store, and I LOVE them!!!  So classic!  Dreamery Studio is New York based, and most of their products are from books nearly 100 years or more old.  Aren't they fantastic!?  The frame is not included, but for only $8.50 per print I think we'll be okay.

Classics like these are not only for the nurseries.  Look at how this Red Riding Hood print is incorporated into this very grown-up living space.

Keeping with the nursery rhyme theme, ART doesn't always have to be something you hang on the wall.  It can be something you plug into the wall.  This Humpty Dumpty Veranda lamp is another Etsy find from Interior Designer Mia Ross at Dress My Shade.  Although these lamps are a little bit more on the expensive side, Dress My Shade is definitely worth checking out!  She had "grown-up" lamps too. 

Here is something more in lines with our budget: a night light.  Decorating is all about incorporating the details to make a well suited room.  Here we have yet another Humpty Dumpty lamp shade, but this time serving as a night light.  This can be found on Details and Fairy Tales Etsy site for $25.00

And what nursery is complete without pillows!?!

This one is our favorite!!  And they all lived...

Sweet Dreams!

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