Tuesday, March 1, 2011

A Small Request: Bedroom Advice

In November, I shared with you my mini bedroom transformation.  Taking the brown duvet off the bed really livened up the space.  Jason and I also moved the bed to the opposing wall giving the windows the proper attention they deserved.    Working with the furniture and pieces that we already had available, we were still able to create a serene atmosphere. 
Here's a blast from the past: 

This winter the brown duvet re-appeared due to the frigid weather.  In my eyes, a makeover is never really finalized. At this point, I am re-directing my attention to the bedding.  Although, I'd like to show some love to those curtains (hanging them higher perhaps), and maybe one day I'll score a suitable end table for the left side of the bed.  I've had the most difficult time finding a duvet that will compliment the other elements in the room.  Yes you, green silk curtains that I insisted on having custom made.  

Word of advise: decide on bedding before deciding on curtains!  I find that it is much easier to match curtains to bedding than to match bedding to curtains.  Did I say that right?!  Anyway, you get the idea.  Bedding first... new rule of thumb.  All I can say now is thank GOD for West Elm!!!  I am in love with the Organic Cotton Pintuck Duvet in steele blue.

Please try to help me envision this if you will.  I'd love to hear some opinions.  I think the blue will really warm up the room and compliment the green curtains.  What are your thoughts?  My second color choice would be the "Natural" bedding shown below. 
Regardless, I plan on mixing and matching.  Here is an example of mixing and matching done well!

Photo: Decor Pad

I'd really like to utilize some items that I already own, such as my Thomas O'Brien sheets which are brown and cream.  Below is actually an exact replica of what my bedding at one time looked like, minus the headboard.  I'm parting ways (at least for now) with my brown duvet.  Very heavy, very hot.  Summer will be here before I know it.  
 Photo via kaboodle.com

Here's where you chime in!  I really like the blue and feel like it would add nice contrast to the room, but I am afraid that I may get tired of it.  The cream seems more classic, but I also LOVE color. 

Opinions?  Thoughts?  Just keep in mind that the green curtains will be staying. I'd love for you to share your own ideas. 


  1. You may not value my opinion at all, since I am the one asking you what to do with my stuff... But I LOVE the cream. I also love the blue, but if you went with the cream, you could always accent with blue... or green, or purple, or orange, or whatever color you wanted to. Easy way to keep the same bedding but totally change the look of the room whenever the mood hits you for a change. Honestly, though... I like them all, and I really don't think you can go wrong no matter what you decide.

  2. Autumn, of course I value your opinion!! Anyone who has a design fetish as big as yours and mine is in my opinion is worth listening too!

    I thought the same about the cream. Definitely would add pops of color if I chose that one. I just feel that the blue makes a statement, which I also like. Hmmm... decisions. I may sit on this one for a while.

  3. Can you post a link to this catalog company? I like the blue too...but with green...hmmm not so sure and brown...I need samples side by side....plus put it in the sunshine to get the quality light you will need to determine which colors really look the best...love ya! MOM

  4. You can find all West Elm products on their website at www.westelm.com



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