Saturday, October 16, 2010

Clark Park and Even More Meaningless Ramblings.

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Yesterday while on my drive home from work I fortunately saw a posting for the bi-annual (I believe) Uhuru Flea Market which happens in Clark Park.  Jason doesn't much enjoy partaking in flea market extravaganzas, but i enjoy scavenging for treasure.  I most likely get that from my mother.  She use to take us thrift store shopping, and my poor eight year old soul was embarrassed out of my little mind; afraid that I would bump into one of my elementary classmates.  I had a reputation at stake!  Third grade was hard.  Rarely will you ever find me at a thrift store to this very day.   Flea Markets are cool though.  Check out this handmade soap I purchased at 3 for $5.  They smell absolutely wonderful, and they are even made from the ladies very own home grown herbs!  I got coconut peppermint, strawberries and cream, and I don't recall what the brown one is with what looks like cinnamon or nutmeg on top of it.  Nonetheless, it is my favorite!

 Even though thrift stores still give me the creeps, oddly enough, curb alerts thrill me!  My neighborhood frequently puts unwanted furniture, books, knick-knacks (you name it) out on the side of the road a day before trash pick-up.  I'm glad people do this because I hate to think that some perfectly good table like this one, which I now own, could be wasting away in some landfill.  

This nice accent table was across the street from my apartment.  Please don't think I'm crazy (okay, call me crazy), but I swear people here scavenge through trash.  It's Philadelphia!!!  When I first found this table it was covered with this hideous contact paper, which peeled off quiet easily.  Check it, below.

Heck, even my couch was a curb alert (from an up-street neighbor... does that make it ok?).  Ok now I'm crazy, but Jason and I were so grateful to pass our awfully uncomfortable futon to a new neighbor in town.  Plus, I love my couch (!!), and my pillows too!  Don't worry, those were purchased at Pier 1 and JC Penny.  Everything's clean I swear!  Plus, I have this nice eclectic look going for me now... all owed to my dear neighbors who have decided that their trash is my treasure!   The sunflowers are from Whole Foods for only six bucks a bundle.  I've been eyeballing them for months, and I think that they look great!

 One last rambling before I jet for the day.  I've added a few Birmingham magazines to my end table.  I think it's nice to have a little something in sight that reminds you of home.  

Be merry.

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  1. YES! 3rd grade WAS hard! And also, good job on the curb finds! We were driving with friends and saw a complete dining room set one time. We divided all of them up between the four of us, and I am searching for the perfect material to recover the seat. I don't think you're crazy- more like genius, bwah ha ha.



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