Saturday, February 25, 2012

Lovely, Lovely Lamps

One never really knows what he may stumble upon when entering the organized chaos of a vintage shop or thrift store.  Quite honestly, it can be rather overwhelming without a game plan in mind.  Often I feel like a kid in a candy store with ADD, not really knowing where to start or where to stop for that matter.  Last weekend, however, was different.  I knew what I wanted.


This, my friends, is a Paul Hanson Ginger Jar lamp.   I didn't really know what I was looking at while shopping, but I knew that I liked it.  That's all that really matters anyways. 

Here are some more lamps that I am more than just a little gaga over...

Below is a picture of my lamp in it's entirety.  It has some minor damage (See the base?), but overall it's in pretty superb shape.  For fifteen dollars, I couldn't let this piece slip by.  Jason thought I was insane at first, but after introducing him to 1st Dibs and showing him that we could very well have a $1000 lamp in our possession, he changed his mind rather quickly.  That is after we got over his idea of selling it and my cry back, "I want expensive things!"  Just this morning he told me how proud he was with me and my bargain of a deal.

Now, where to find a lamp shade that will fit this giant sucker?  Any insight would be greatly appreciated!!!  

P.S. I'm sure many of you were distracted by the nudity.  That is an original oil painting by Jason Espey, my awesome husband.  He has a facebook page, so you should go like him!  And for fun, you can tell him that I sent you!   If you enjoy reading The Tiny Abode please feel free to follow us on facebook or twitter.  Or you can use our little subscribe linky to the right. 


  1. Hi Tiny, just coming over from Chinoiserie Chic, and had to comment. Hope this little ramble isn't too long for you to approve! You know that beautiful book in the sidebar of Beth's blog? The one with the green dustjacket, called Chinoiseries? Well, I went to the Amazon site she had linked to purchase, and saw that it was over a grand to buy it. I kept thinking I had seen the book somewhere before, and sure enough, the book shop section at our local arboretum had a copy for sale. Price: $60. My husband's first comment was, why don't you sell it! They missed the point, your huband and my husband. I love your explanation, you like expensive things. And, just love them even more when they don't cost too much!

  2. Hi Jessica! So glad you found my blog and came over to comment. I had to come by and see your Paul Hanson lamp. So pretty! I know when I first did my research on 1st Dibs I was quite excited, but I often wonder who is buying those "beautiful" things at those prices. To answer your question about my shades, I just took my lamps to a local lamp store that is actually rather pricey (I think my drum shades were about $50 each, more than 10x the price of the lamps), and he helped me find the perfect size, shape, etc. That being said, I learned a valuable tip that day re: vintage lamps - often you just need a shorter harp to make an average shade fit perfectly. It looks like your harp is pretty big. If you downsize to a 7 inch harp that would allow most drum shades you can find around town to fit nicely. Just try it out and see. Harps can be found at Home Depot or lamp stores and are pretty cheap. Good luck!



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