Monday, April 4, 2011

Flea Market Finds

This weekend I went to the Philadelphia Flea Market.  I'm sooo glad I did!  Here are the items I managed to squeeze into my car.  Steals of deals, really. 

Faux Bamboo Frame - $3
Chippendale Faux Bamboo Tables by Omega - $40 for the set
Owl Plant Hangers - $7
Gilt Frame (Holds 16 x 20 Canvas) - $10
Today we will be highlighting the Hollywood Regency Chippendale tables. The set came from this sweet lady, Loretta.  AKA, my favorite flea market dealer.  We got along great!  It may have to do with the fact that she spent the first ten years of her life in Alabama, where the tea is sweet.

New furnishings equal new apartment layout equals freaked out husband.  However, our apartment feels so much more functional.  And that makes me happy! Here are some of my previous Hollywood Regency obsessions.  Those who've done your research know $40/set  for faux bamboo is quite the steal!  I may spray paint them a fun color, but what color?

 Originally, I was going to use the largest of the tables as a coffee table.  That didn't work.  The scale was all wrong, so it moved to the bedroom.  The nesting tables however make a perfect media center.  Before, our entertainment pieces were dispersed across the room, not making a whole lotta sense.  Now, our monitor, keyboard and DVDs (stored in the suitcase, genius I know) are all in one happy corner called togetherness.  Ahhh.

We ditched our coffee table, but no worries. Our new piece is multi-functional.  We like!  The couch also moved, now facing the windows.  Here's what our space looked like before, and before you judge know that we are working with a very difficult room.  Long, narrow, awkward stairs, refrigerator in the living room and all.  As far as the coffee table, Craigslist anyone?

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  1. All this happened after I left? Great scores! Those tables are such fun. I vote for navy lacquer.

  2. I think you have sold me! I definitely want a more glossy finish, and I LOVE me some navy. I'm so excited about these pieces!



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