Thursday, April 21, 2011

Uhuru, I'm Mad at U!!

As you know, I'm seeking out dining chairs for my farmhouse table.  Yesterday was my lucky day, or so I thought.  Ever heard of Duncan Phyfe?  All you antique gurus know what I'm talking about.  Uhuru Furniture had a set of six Duncan Phyfe chairs for $75!!!  Not for just one, but the entire set!  

Now, I wasn't completely in love, but these appraise for $1000 - $2000, and they could have been mine.  Why so upset you may be wondering??  I'll tell you why!  Yesterday I spoke to the lady at 5:15 letting her know I was on my way.  Store closes at 6:30... shew, I made it!  Walked inside, kindly shook her hand.  She knew me by name.... good far.  Some dudes are taking down the chairs from the loft.  Great, the dudes are already on it.  Awesome.  

Not awesome... the lady said, "Oh.... sorry this guy just bought them."  Could you have let me known that someone else was looking at them?  I may have just left a little bit early to assure that the chairs would have been mine.  And she knew that we were both on our way!  Bad, bad business!  

Uhuru, I'm through!! 


  1. Bummer!! I feel your pain.

    Did you ever make it to Impact? I want to go! I've never been.

  2. I did, they know me by name. Well, not really, but the manager now recognizes me and talks to me about shipments. Its almost embarrassing, but not enough to keep me away. :)



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