Friday, May 13, 2011

Tiny Apartment Party Planning

It's Friday!  Do the Friday Dance!  The blogging hiatus is over my friends.  
Let me tell you, birthday planning... it ain't easy.  But daaang, Gina!  I pulled it off. 

In actuality, I owe it all to this girl, Aisha.  This woman is a goddess!  I cannot thank her enough!  The star of the show and not to be mistaken by the curly head brunette on the left... that would be my husband.  

CONFESSION: I was more concerned with the decor of my apartment than the birthday party. 

Note: white shelf, portrait paintings, large coral frame, small yellow frame, white bamboo frame, and hanging basket.  One hour prior to the party there stood one boring blank wall and a tiny black shelf.  

Yes, I am crazy, but the wall had to have some attention (for the sake of the party of course).  And now, without further adieu, my highly sought after tiny apartment party planning secrets.  

Party Planning Secrets: 
1.) Seating: Bring in the extra chairs.  That beach chair stuffed in the closet deserves some company and storage bench serves a second purpose.

2.) Stations: Setting up stations and letting guest serve themselves will ease your duty as host.  Set-up a drink station with ice, cups, lemons, limes, and a variety of beverages.  Food is not meant just for the kitchen.  Hors d'oeuvres should be available wherever guest tend to mingle.

3.) Become a Wholesale Club Member: Trust me on this one!  BJ's, Sam's Club, Costco.  It doesn't matter.  Often these types of clubs offer trial memberships.  Take advantage of it!  My free 60 day trial membership was well worth hauling the restaurant size quantities up the stairs.  Not to mention the discounts!!  BJ's offers a one day pass.

4.) Humor: What's a party without a little quirkiness?  For Jason's party we used our chalkboard wall to write special, funny, and even a bit unusual birthday messages.  The guest loved it, and it allowed me to meet and greet while guest got their draw on.

Enough, about Jason... it's now my birthday month!
Happy Party Planning!!!

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  1. You are so talented!! Glad you have your priorities in the correct order!!!...but everything looks Beautiful!!! ya...Mom



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