Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Help me, Martha!

Thank the Lord for this lady!  Can I get a AMEN!?

She is the epitome of entertaining and taste.  She has her very own show, her very own magazine,...

Martha Stewart Living (1-year auto-renewal) 

She's an organizational goddess!!!
Good Things for Organizing (Good Things with Martha Stewart Living)

And to top it off, she was right by my side as I reupholstered my seat cushion (foam and all).  I used her step-by-step directions as  a guidance.  You can too, here. We'll also give you basis.  

Recovering a Seat Cushion
Step 1: Lay out all Supplies
Staple Gun*
Measuring Tape

*Be sure to use 1/4" staples.  You don't want your guest to get attacked by your chairs!

Even More Supplies: 
Wooden seat from chair 
(Be SURE not to throw this away!)
Strong set of hands
Foam (we used 1")

Step 2: Remove all unnecessary staples, nails, and any other crazy supply that the previous owner attempted to recover a seat cushion with.

Step 3: Using wooden seat, trace and cut foam leaving 1 inch to spare around all sides.

Then Cut: 

It doesn't have to be perfect.  Don't stress yourself out.  This is an EASY project.

Step 4: Cut Batting and Fabric leaving 2 inches around to spare.
This was the scariest part for me, because I'm SUCH a perfectionist.  I wanted my fabric shapes to line up perfectly.  My advise, just go for it!


Step 5: Lay fabric layering from the floor up in this order: 
Fabric, Batting, Foam, Seat

Step 6: Staple Away!
Be sure to start with the sides not the front or back of seating.  You'll want to save those for last. 
Also as you staple be sure to pull the fabric tightly.  

Repeat after me, "Pull, staple.  Pull, staple."
Once you finish the sides of the chair, move on to the front of the chair and then the back.  Saving the corners for last.  My tidbit of advise, start stapling from the middle out, and save yourself the agony of pulling staples out with your fingernails when you miss align.

Step 7: Fold Corners
This was my favorite part!!  I use to gift wrap.  Can you tell?  Just as you would fold the corners of a bed, or if you don't make your bed, just as you would fold the corner's of a present. Tuck and fold.  Again pulling tightly.  Then staple.  

You'll want to be sure to get this part right, because it will be visible to the naked eye being at the front of the chair. I have to say, I'm quiet proud of my corner folds!  

You're Finished!
 Attach to chair

Here's my chair in all of it's glory!  Remember the before.  Yikes!  One down, two more to go!  Three chairs for the total of $22.10 all spent at Gaffney's... not to shabby.  Plus did I mention that they gave me a Gaffney Buck since I spent over $20.  I already have money towards my next project!

So what do you think?  Well worth the face-lift?


  1. I LOVE it!!!! You did an excellent job...did Jason help you? Plus, you had a much better staple gun than the one Rachel and I had! Martha is a very good teacher too!!!

  2. I LOVE the fabric but where on EARTH did you find the chair???

  3. Hi Anonymous! Jason did help me by encouraging me the entire way! And by bringing home the staple gun (that helped tremendously). :)

    The chairs have a story of there on. They were spotted in the Rittenhouse district (on the curb)!! I salvaged these babies. Thank GOD the garbage trucks were behind due to the massive amounts of snow. You can read more about the chairs here:



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