Thursday, January 27, 2011

Snug as a Bug, but I NEED a Rug!!

 Shopping for a rug can be a tricky task when you're on a limited budget.  I have $150 (Christmas Cash!!) in my wallet, and I'm not anticipating on pulling much more out of my checking account for my future purchase.  We are looking at a budget of $300 tops!

Our floors are Naked!!

Yes, we know it is January and we still have pumpkins in our living room.  Have I mentioned my husband's an artist?  He's working on a still life (hence the tape on the floor).  Oh the joy's of living with an artist!  He has approximately one week to finish because that couch has BIG plans on moving to the opposite side of the living room to make room for a future dining room table for our newly covered chairs

Dilemma:  Choosing a Rug
We need your help people, and we mean all of our greatly adored "closet" readers too.  Don't be shy, cause we LOVE you!  Yes, I'm talking to all my Canadian readers, readers from Salzburg (wherever the heck that is), and yes you too my Sweet San Fransisco follower.  We don't know who you are, but we'd really appreciate some of your insight.  You obviously have a love affair with home decor yourself!  We understand, and we appreciate you visiting our little abode.  And all you Southerners, we know you have great taste too!

Here's a close up of the colors we are working with.  Those are orange and navy pillows on the sofa with hence of yellow and green in the middle pillow.  We also have a few other pieces in our living room that we are not willing to part with.  Our goal is to tie all the elements together and to establish a cohesive living space.

Some Other Elements:  

This is a cabinet that was given to us and personally painted by our artist friend, Robin Frey.  She sells some of her work on Ebay.  We love her, and we love the cabinet.  It's staying. 

Another object of affection is this pillow I purchased from Pier 1 a few seasons back.  I love the colors!!  This pillow, at least in my opinion, ties together the other contents in our living room.  The orange velvet pillows on the sofa, the blue cabinet and the orange silk curtains.  It helps our living room make sense. 

Ok, all you design divas (and all you wannabes like me).  I need some input!  Some linkage, if you will.  Some overall advise.  What color would make most sense on my bare naked floors? What kind of rug would you suggest?  Wool? Sisal? Jute?  Can you tell I've never bought a rug in my life!?  Keep in mind I LOVE color!!    Send us your favorites!  In the meantime, we'll be doing a little research (aka shopping) ourselves. Suggestions and links are greatly appreciated.  


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