Saturday, September 21, 2013

Wild Thang!

We have been waiting to share...

Video Created By: The Tiny Abode
(Image credits listed below)

It's TRUE!!!!
There is a beast growing inside of me!  

We have yet to determine the gender of this little creature.  In fact, upon moving to Atlanta, I was under the impression that I would be having an ultrasound at my first appointment here at 17 weeks.  When I was informed by the midwife (that's right... not a doctor, not yet anyway) that I was being delusional these were the words that I managed to utter out of my mouth, "I think I'm going to cry."  Yep.  Damn hormones.  I know that 17 weeks is a little early to determine the gender, but I have had friends who found out early.

18 Weeks here...

 Image: The Tiny Abode

Here are the images that are in the video with information on how you can purchase them for your nursery, a client's room, or as a gift to an expecting parent!  I think they would be great in a child's room!  They're so imaginative and playful!

The print above is by an artist from Omaha, Nebraska, Jennifer Walsh.  She is the monster mind behind Creative Wild Child.  You can purchase the print on her Etsy store here.

I love this quote!!  Allyssa Zemke, designer / crafter, of Olive + Birch based in Salt Lake City has the image above available as a digital downloadable print at the size of your choice.  This is an affordable option to get a great print!  The image is available to purchase on her Etsy shop here

I hope you enjoyed our announcement!  I know we have been keeping it a secret for way too long!  For those of you who already knew, a BIG thanks for keeping your lips sealed too!  We know it was hard!!

Baby and nursery updates are on the horizon!



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