Tuesday, September 10, 2013

What's so Hot in Atlanta?

Moving from a major city to a city that feels so small you wonder how it can even be referred to a as a city in the first place is in a word... depressing.  Living in Atlanta definitely has its perks, but at times all I can see is a BIG commercialized piece of crap!  Where are all the mom and pop stores, yo?  No offense Atlantians.  I know there are some really cool places inside the perimeter.  Grace Bonney from Design Sponge did a really great post about what all Atlanta has to offer design-wise.  Check it out here!  I'm super excited to check some of these places out!
The problem with Atlanta is the horrific traffic... HORRIFIC, I say!  This city does not have a sophisticated public transportation system which makes commuting by car a death wish.  If you are going to live in Atlanta one rule of thumb is to live in close proximity to where you work.    Therefore, I live in a boring suburbia neighborhood right outside of the perimeter.  That's my problem with Atlanta.  If Marta is so much Smarta, then why is there so many people on the roads.  And why does every household need at minimum two cars?

 Living in Philly for five years, I became accustomed to walking to work, hopping on the train (a mere block away) to go to some other cool neighborhood in one hot second, and eating at a new restaurant every date night.   I'm afraid I'm just experiencing the relocation blues. 

It's surprises such as these that make me miss where I once lived.  While searching for an image to use, I thought the one above suited my said, "relocation blues."  As I click through the images and see the front of the model, I smile.  I know this beautiful person.  She and I attended the same church in Philadelphia. 

Images (3): Raverly
The irony gives me hope.
Atlanta, you're not so horrible.  I'm just getting to know you after all.

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