Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Peanuts, and Elephants, and Hearts... Oh My!

About a month ago, I received a sweet lil' peanut baby shower invitation in the mail!  I was very excited to see the final results since I edited the original version from an yellow-ish / gray color scheme to a yellow / teal color scheme.  

BEFORE (unedited version available for free at Bump Smitten):

Image: Bump Smitten

AFTER (edited by The Tiny Abode):

 **Names, phone numbers and addresses have been changed**
I think the edited version turned out super cute, and I couldn't be more proud!  I'm still learning all the tricks of the trade, and I am not fortunate enough to have Photoshop!  So my friend Picasa and I have been spending long nights with one another.  

My friend, and mommy to be, decided that she wanted to carry over the lil' elephant from the invitation into the thank you card.  This morning (we work together) she shared with me a dream that she had last night which included me designing her thank you cards.  For all of you who may be curious, I by no means am a designer, nor have I had any professional training in design.  However, I do like a good challenge!!  
Hence my day job (special ed. supervisor... nuff said).     

I decided to make my co-worker / mommy-to-be / friend's dream come true!  Or I thought I'd at least try!  Sounds like a fairy-tale, right!?!  It's not often that you can make dreams come true.

Designed by: The Tiny Abode

After many, many attempts, here is the final product of my thank you card design for my dear friend's Lil Peanut themed baby shower!! This is my first thank you card, so I'm a bit proud. I think it goes well with the overall theme and the ribbon wreath I made in April.

P.S. For all you regular readers, I've been a bad blogger.  Sorry about that.  Super busy with art shenanigans with the hubs!! 


  1. Can you send me the download? I tried BumpSmitten but it does not work.I prefer the gray yellow one if possible.

    Thank you for anything you can do!

  2. Hi, I wish I could!! I posted this a while ago while BumpSmitten was still a pubic site. I still have the pdfs if you would like for me to email them to you just let me know. My email is thetinyabode@gmail.com



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