Sunday, June 26, 2011

Bedroom Design Inspiration: Blue and Green Mix

So I am thinking about using this pillow as an inspiration piece for the design of our bedroom.  The designer is a graduate student from Little Rock, Arkansas.  Check out her Etsy page labdesigns.  She has a lot of great pillows!!

The idea is to mimic the design of the coral bedroom I posted about a few days ago, and redesign a room using my own color scheme.  This is a project that I'm sure will take me several months (if not longer) to complete.  Not that it can't be done in a shorter time frame.   Anyone with money to blow can complete this within a week, tops!  But I'll take my precious time and be sure to update you along the way. 

Here's a quick peek at what are bedroom currently looks like, as you may remember from this post.

It's okay, but it still doesn't have that wow factor.

So, why the green pillow? I would like to use it as the front and center piece just as the coral and gray pillow is being used in the inspiration photo.  Since my headboard is more of a neutral I'd like to go bold with the pillows.  Behind the green pillows I'd like to add two navy toss pillows such as these:

I like the idea of having something simple and not so busy.  This lattice pillow from WillaSkyeHome seems to do the trick.  WillaSkyeHome is also an Etsy shop.  We {heart} Etsy!  These sell for $64 a pair.  I think that's a good buy for two16 x 16 pillows.

Design Tip: Sometimes I find that it is easier to work backwards.  For example, I am starting with the top layer, and I am working my way back.

Ok, so next we have the Euro shams.  This is where I'm coming to a brick in the wall.  I know I want to use a horizontal stripe, but I'm having a difficult time making a decision on color.  Here's what I have in mind: 1.) green and creme stripe, 2.) aqua and creme stripe or 3.) white and creme stripe.  Any input is very much appreciated!

Finally, the bedding!  I think I've pretty much come to a conclusion about what I want here.  In all of my bedroom inspiration photos on Pinterest, you may notice a pattern... white crisp bedding.  Obviously, I'm drawn to this.  I think it is because it allows the pillows to stand on their own.  Having a busy pattern would just compete with the pillows, and I don't want that.  Here's what I have in mind...

Lowell by Matouk in leaf green.  It's by no means cheap!  I'll be keeping my eye open for a similar product at Home Goods or Target.  In the meantime, what do you think!?  I'd love to hear your ideas!

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