Thursday, June 30, 2011

Holy Ikea Hack!

Holy Cow!  Take a look at this!  
If Ikea wasn't good for something, it's good for this. What a hack!

Photos via Kiki' List

I found this wonderful project while noseying around Kiki's List. These prefabricated trellis patterns are known as overlays and can be found here. [Side note: Kiki's blog is great!]

Just check out this pink and orange Rast!

Photo: O'verlays

This would be a great weekend project!  Check out Danika and Cheryle's blog, the geniuses behind this design, or visit O'verlays for more product information. Aren't they fun!?

Have a Happy Weekend!

I'll leave you with some final eye candy...

 Photo: O'verlays

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