Saturday, January 15, 2011

Sunshine in the Kitchen!

Sunshine came my way, and now I have a bright yellow kitchen!  Much more vibrant than I had anticipated.

I realize that the picture does not show the true value of the color, but taking a look at the before really shows the brightness it has adds to the room.

I opted to leave the adjacent wall in Chalkboard paint.  I will have to get creative with it later, and most likely the shelf will hit the curb!  That is, once I figure out what to do with all my small appliances and cook books. 

While I was at it I cleaned up the spices which have been hanging out on an end table between the fridge and shelving unit.  In such limited space, we of course have limited options.  

For a quick fix, I cleaned the contents out of the "junk drawer" and now have a much neater spice drawer.  

I still have my heart set on the magnetic spice decanters that I posted about here, which are also on my Amazon Wish List... hello birthday (even if you're 4 months away)!

The Breakdown!

After a quick trip to Stanley's on Snow Day here is what I came home with:
1 QT Primer (a MUST have!): $9.99
1 QT of Returned Yellow Paint: $3.99
1 QT of Returned Gray Paint $3.99
1 Roller: $3.99

While I was there I picked up a quart of returned gray paint for $3.99.  Hello, bathroom and future project!  The grand total after tax was $23.72!  Not too shabby for two projects in the making.  Buying returned paint saved us big time!  A quart of paint generally runs around $10. Plus there is more leftover in each!

To give you an idea of the space size we are working in, here's an additional picture which shows the newly painted sunshine yellow kitchen in shade more true to its value.  My husband, being an artist, would argue with my usage of the terms shade and value, but you get the idea.  And by all means, please excuse the dirty dishes in the sink.  I envy all with dishwashers.

So what do you think!? Much brighter, wouldn't you say?

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