Thursday, January 20, 2011

It's All About Damask!

Damask is what I'm talking about!
It's got that old world feel with with new modern charm...

In the Bedroom...

Photo Courtesy: Brocade Home
Photo via Decor Pad

On the Floors...

 Photo Courtesy:

Photo via Decor Pad

Photo Courtesy:

Up the Walls...

 Photo via Decor Pad

Photo Courtesy: Your Decorating Hotline

 Photo via The Next

Photo Courtesy: Abodesignco

Around the Living Room...

 Photo Courtesy Designed to the Nines

Photo via Decor Pad

 I have had a love affair with damask ever since I spotted that beautiful orange ottoman in Pottery Barn.  It's true what they say about girls... you love what you can't have. 


You go get some of your own!
Like the shower curtain I purchased from Target.

And the curtains I had made for my bedroom. 

Heck, even Martha approves!

So go ahead and pick up that February issue!  And, no Martha did not pay me to say this, although it would be pretty cool if she would.  I'll call her later.

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