Sunday, January 9, 2011

Even More Christmas Leftovers!!

So I promised in my previous post that I would share two additional ideas as to what to do with all those Christmas cards... including those we receive in the mail from others year after year. 

Let's continue with our personal Christmas card leftovers before discussing what to do with ALL the others.

Previously you were shown how the card was simply cut into desired sections using a straight edger in preparation to make the magnets.  The next idea is even simpler than the first
(No GLUE involved)! 

Gift Tags: 

I chose to crop the card leaving the picture of Jason and myself along with the "Merry Christmas" section.  I then punched a small hole and used some silver thread to tie to the tag to the present.  I think this will add a nice personal touch to the gifts we give out next year.

Now what to do with the masses of cards you collect over the years from friends and family??

Photo courtesy of

I can't bare to throw away these oh so cute cards that come our way during Christmas.  New babies, missed family members and old friends.  It's one of the few times I actually enjoy checking my mail!  This year I'd like to start an album collecting all cards from Christmas' past.  Which leads me to the final Christmas card leftover idea: 
Christmas Coffee Table Book
I'd recommend purchasing an 8 x 10 photo album like this one from Barnes and Noble.  A scrapbook would work too.  Many cards I received this year were the rectangular 8 x 4 photos.  This album would assure that the cards would fit without having to dismantle them.  I'm sure you could get really creative with this idea, and I'm sure this would become a cherished keepsake as you add to your Christmas card greetings every year.  I'd love to hear of more ideas!

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