Sunday, January 9, 2011

Enjoying Christmas Leftovers

This year I had exactly three Christmas cards leftover that are just too cute to chunk.  

These are the cards that I received in the bright orange Shutterfly package which inspired me to seek out Calligraphy.  You can check out that post here.
I had a few ideas on what to do with these cards other than leaving them on the curbside for Monday's pick-up. 

My first thought being: creating magnets of a memorable year.  
First I used my straight edger to cut the card into desired sections.  

Next, using magnets around the house that were free from local restaurants, colleges, and stores, I simply cut the magnet to size.  Of course you can purchase magnets from your local craft store that are already sticky-fied, but I'm being resourceful!  So, I used some basic craft glue that has been hiding in my closet for quiet sometime.  

Now I have four new refrigerator adornments that can be enjoyed all seasons as well as years to come. Perfect for our apartment!

Be on the watch for two more ideas which I promise to post in the near future... possibly even today.

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