Sunday, September 8, 2013

What I like about You...

Designed by: The Tiny Abode

Ok, so this is old news for all of you who follow on facebook.  Unfortunately for the blog, Facebook has been getting a lot more of my attention lately.  I wish that weren't the case.  You can follow The Tiny Abode's Facebook page here.  Keeping up a blog is hard work!  Can I get an, "I heard dat!?"  You know what I'm talking about. 
Yes it is true my fellow Philadelphian lovers, The Tiny Abode has moved south *GASP*!!  Oh the horror!! Not that I dislike Atlanta, but I miss you!!!
Designed by: The Tiny Abode

Let me tell you... reverse culture shock is legit!  What in the world are we doing here you ask?  Well... we're trying to figure that one our ourselves.  Moving was a very difficult decision for us to make.  Below is a pic from our moving day.  We had great neighbors!

Photo: The Tiny Abode

We were both (referencing the hubs) in very good positions before deciding to make the big leap.  Jason was teaching fine art to High Schoolers and was a teaching fellow at Studio Incamminati. I had just received a promotion at my previous job in a department that I was really looking forward to working in.  Nonetheless, here we are in the South embracing what HOT-Lanta has to offer. 

Photo:  The Tiny Abode

I'm hoping to be better with updating the blog.  Looking foward to sharing our apartment (it needs a lot of love).  Half of our furniture was left behind in Philly, so I am scavening Craigslist for the following: dining room chairs, console / media center, and a dresser. 

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