Saturday, January 19, 2013

Oh Mighty Succulent...

January may seem like an odd time to consider gardening, but ever since the hubs and I cleared out a vacant lot beside our home, I can't stop thinking about all the possibilities!

 I am no expert, but I know that this is no time to consider planting outdoors in the dead of winter.  To satisfy my fixation, I have been focusing on the possibilities indoors!  I started with my potted succulents which were in dire need of being rescued.  These little creatures were once living in my office, but too many hands kept touching it.  I am not sure, but I have a theory that the oils on fingertips is not good for succulents.  Does anyone know for sure!?  Anyway, I brought them home about a month ago and started my own little growing / rescue project.  

I started by rounding up all the clear containers I could find.  Nothing is new here besides the potting soil (which it is actually cactus soil... you could make your own if you prefer).

Next, I gently pulled apart the plants until I had individual units.  I wanted to keep some of the original soil in effort to not shock the roots during the transfer.  I even saved some of the broken pieces, and let them sit on just on top of soil.  After a couple of weeks, roots began to form. 

I decided to separate my plants out into mostly individual containers.  I was to give each of them room to grow and to really establish their roots. At some point, I may combine several of them into one container to make an interesting collaboration. Here are the outcomes...

During the holidays, I decided to decorate my mantel with the terrariums in lieu of having a Christmas tree.  It was quite serene in my opinion.

Right now, I have placed mine in the window seal for extra sunlight.  There are so many ways to use succulents in your home!  Really the possibilities are endless.  Plus they are great conversation starters.  People love them!!

So far, I am pleased with my results (i.e. nothing is dead yet!).

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