Saturday, September 29, 2012

In West Philadelphia...House Tour

I may not have been "born and raised" here, but for now this is HOME.  The teacher inside of me wants to say, "We moved at the beginning of the year."  (School year that is).  It has been a hectic time at the ol' 9-5, so I'm just now getting around to posting a tour.

Here's the outside... and yes, that is a a google maps pic.  How'd you guess?  Our's is the one on the far right with the cute little window box.  Flowers come with the house, score!

Living Room

The house is on the small side with only 840 sqft of design space available (that's including the basement).  On the bright side, we have a basement!  No more shared washing and drying!!!  I was the worse!

I'm not digging the modern fan and some of the remodeling choices, but the wainscoting is a nice touch.  I'm not too sure about the Navajo-ish fire place either.  It's not my jam.  I'd prefer a white brick fire place like this one.    I toyed with the idea of fauxing something up, but I'm sure I'd just %@# it up.  

  Source: unknown


 Again with the modern lighting... why!?!  Not only that, but the cabinets practically match the hardwood, and white hardware reminds me of connect the dots worksheets from elementary school.  Boo!  On the up side, check out all that cabinet space!  Major step-up from our last place.

This is an odd space and really the only option I have to add a table.  So long farmhouse table.  You are just too big for this space. Here's a picture of it in our old apartment.

I'm thinking a banquette setting would be nice due to the limited space, but that's only if we plan on staying more than a year or so.

 Photo via Apartment Therapy

We are only renting, so heavy investing and hardcore construction are out of the question.  One of the best things about the house is the outdoor space (a treasure in the city).


So there you have it.  This was only the first floor.  We have two bedrooms upstairs, but that will have to wait till another day.  All in all, I am so grateful to be living in an actual house rather than a tiny apartment!!  Four years and four places later, I finally feel settled.


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