Monday, November 7, 2011

Konfor... That's Turkish for Comfort

It's officially turkey season, y'all!!  What better way to celebrate than with a traditional Kilim rug?  A rug is an essential part of any home.  It is what brings a room together and defines a space.  It creates a mood and gives a room much needed character.

 So I say, forget the turkey,  I want a Kilim!  

Both of these rugs can be found on Ebay here and here.

And if you haven't heard, they look stunning in any kitchen!

Photo: House Beautiful

I'm really trying to convince my friend, whose kitchen needs a quick pick me up, to forgo the Home Depot bargain and instead buy something a little more aged.


  1. A beautiful kilim all the way! So many great colors to pull from them. Do you follow Gretchen Opgenorth at all? She's had some great posts recently on rugs and some really wonderful eye candy. I need a new rug in our kitchen.

  2. I have wanted a rug similar to these FOREVER but they are always so expensive...not giving up my seach for a deal though!

  3. Don't you just love a great kilim!? I'll have to check out Gretchen. Thanks! Both of you should scour Ebay. Seriously, these were only two of MANY!! I saw quite a few under $200... not bad.



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