Monday, September 12, 2011

Fairmount Flea Market Finds

This weekend was spent at the famous Fairmount Phila Flea Market.  Art, furniture, vintage jewelry and true craftsmanship is always present at the Phila Flea Markets.

My favorite booth was A Vintage Home.  Maria Loizou (booth owner) had such a nice collection, and she was very knowledgeable about the pieces I adored.  Just look at that art!! 

 Maria stated that these Chinoiserie lamps came from a designer's estate sale in Miami.  They were my absolute favorite item at the flea market.  Very Mary McDonald-ish if you ask me!  The asking price was $60 each.  If I only had that money to spend!  My cash is still on reserve for chairs. 

Here's a peep into the rest of her booth.  Do you love it as much as I do!?

Another great find from another dealer (sad to say I don't know his name) was this vintage butterfly collection!

I received some questionable remarks when I posted this on my personal facebook page, but I am telling you this is a hot item!!  Have you read this month's Lonny Mag!?  Butterflies pop up not once, but twice in the latest issue!  Check out page 45 and page 83.  Still think I'm crazy?  Not so fast, because I have some more bazaar and beautiful craftsmanship to share with you!!

 That's right, you are looking at an orange earring, and I don't mean the color.  Zoe Joy Eibinder is the brains behind this immaculate craftsmanship.

This gal was a show stopper!!!  Look for her at Clover Market on Sunday, September 18th!!

Her jewels are truly unique and delicate pieces of art.  Check out her Etsy page here.

So what did I come home with, you ask?  Two cans of Krylon high gloss spray paint that I scored for $1.50 each from a former graffiti artist.  Surprising and weird, yes.  Great deal, absolutely!  Remember my cash is on reserve.  That said, I find that just browsing flea markets can be inspirational in itself.

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