Sunday, June 12, 2011

Where Have I Been!?

Whew!  Where did May go!?  Summer so far has proven itself to be ruthless!  No time, no blogging, no nonsence.  :(  That said, I've been having a blast!  Here is a little picture show of what's been happening in the life of moi!

Rittenhouse Row Spring Festival
Philadelphia locals swarm to Rittenhouse Square for the fashion and food, but mostly the food.  If you haven't participated in this city event you are truly missing out.  Trying five star restaurant food for pennies may very well be my new hobby.

Oak Island, NC... My Birfday!
For those of you who have never heard of Oak Island, NC, get wit it!  In actuality, none of us had ever heard of this family friendly shore destination either.  This just so happens to be the halfway point to the shore for Philadelphia, PA and Birmingham,AL.  Thus equaling a multi-family vacation (and new tradition) all for little 'ol me.  Here are some snapshots.

My dad and sister...

My mom and sister...

My husband...

And my favorite!

Jason's parents also made the long 10 hour journey, but unfortunately I don't have those shots on my camera.  :(  But we all had a blast!

Rittenhouse Fine Art Show
Have I mentioned my husband's an artist?  Oh yes, I have about umpteen times.  Being married to an artist can be a tremendous amount of work believe it or not!  The very next weekend after returning from vaca was the Rittenhouse Fine Art Show.  I think we are just now recovering from all of the madness.  Professional artist travel from across the country to participate in this event.  The show formally known as the "Clotheline Show" actually got it's start by students displaying their artwork on clothesline throughout the park, hoping to make a dime. 

Keeping with the 80 year old tradition, students continue to participate in the center of the park.  And I may be biased, but I do believe that Studio Incamminati students had the finest work!

Jason Espey and Sakiko Shinkai

Josh Breslin

Irish Pub
We did allow for some time to throw back a few brewskies in between the art show extravaganza.  I'll be the first to admit that I am no beer connoisseur, but if you like the "where everybody knows your name" feel, then 20th & Walnut is where it's at!  Yes, I may have only ventured to this place at noon, but the atmosphere had that classic feel.  Cheers, anyone?

Studio Incamminati Exhibition at the Markiem Arts Center
This weekend I managed to make it to the Markiem despite New Jersey's confusing highways.  Can I get an Amen?  Towns like Haddonfield are well worth the u-turns.  Friday night was the opening night of a 7 day exhibition at the Markiem Arts Center.  We were fortunate enough to hear the talented young pianst of the Steinway Society's Young Pianst Competition!  Unbelievable! 

Jason did a painting demonstration that night which is up for bid, and he also has his painting Missed Opportunity? on display.  Special thanks to Katya for the pictures!!

 If that wasn't enough for you, Jason and I are coming up on our three year anniversary.  What is it this year? Paper? Cotton?  No, it's leather.  Jason and I will be sporting leather jackets and pants and celebrating at a motorcycle bar.  Not really.  Does anyone actually follow the tradional gift giving anymore?  We'll actually be dining out in the city.  We're having a hard time narrowing down our choices, so if you know of an excellent restaurant to celebrate our loooove... please let me know!


  1. Good Grief- ya'll have been busy! It looks like Fun Busy though. And we still do the traditional wedding gifts... paper, cotton, etc. Leather was tennis rackets for us (had to really get creative there). And fyi, we have still not played tennis with them.

  2. Welcome back! Looks like you had a very busy time "away"!

  3. Yes, very busy, and more to come! Good to know someone is sticking to tradition. Sometimes I wish Jason and I followed them... seems like fun!

    Thanks Ashley! I feel like I've been "gone" for far too long! It's weird how blogging can get into your soul! Ha!



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