Thursday, March 10, 2011

The Philadelphia Flower Show: Part 1

By now many of you may have had your fair dosage of Flower Show happiness, but we're here to bring you a few final dosages.  It would be cruel not to share these beauties.  So here are some of what I found to be the 2011 International Philadelphia Flower Show highlights, but you can be the judge of that. 

Carousel Animals by Valley Forge Flowers

These creatures by Valley Forge Flowers were really spectacular!  Each animal was so intricate and carefully constructed with beautiful flowers, ferns and even bark (or at least that's what I could make of it).  The carousel animals were the main feature of the show residing at the front entrance and near the Eiffel Tower.

I really like this picture.  Not only does it reflect the grand scheme of the flower show, but it also creates a sense of nostalgia as the little girl admires the creatures in front of her.  A little Alice in Wonderland.

Flowers by David

Flowers by David really wooed the crowd.  Walking around the exhibit you would hear sudden gasps, "Look a bed of roses!"  In actuality this bed of flowers and the rest of the exhibit includes amaryllis, orchids, carnations and other husband and wife team, David and Robin Heller, favorites.

There is a total of thirteen pinwheels resembling dream catchers surround the room creating a whimsy space.  Being an interior lover myself, I quickly feel in love with this exhibit!  Such detail took place in this design.  As if the rose covered blanket isn't enough, check out the bed skirt!

My ab-solute favorite, hands down! 
Here's a final shot at another angle.  I couldn't stop taking pictures.

Too much for one sitting.
I'll be posting more flower show favorites soon!


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