Thursday, February 10, 2011

Philadelphia Flower Show: Itching for Spring!!

Like most of the country, I am wondering: "How long is this snow going to stick around?!"  It just will not go away!!  Even Texas and Alabama are getting snow!  This overload of snow has made me develop a craving for spring!  A HEALTHY craving.  I want a loooonnng, glorious spring!!  So you can imagine my excitement for the upcoming Annual Philadelphia International Flower Show!

Since moving to Philadelphia in 2008, I have wanted to attend this event and have yet made an appearance.  This year Jason, the hubster, will be painting at the show itself!  I am thrilled!!  I really like to bum off of his benefits of being an artist!  Can you blame me? 

This is no ordinary stroll through the garden.  
Check out last year's entrance to Passport to the World.

Photo: The Washington Post

And these shoes!!

 Can it get more glamorous than that?!  Why yes, it can. Here is the 2009 winner...

Photo: Bloomery via FloristBlogs

This year's theme is Springtime in Paris, and will take place March 6th -13th.  Has anyone ever been or participated in the flower show?  How was your experience? 

For more information about the show visit the Philadelphia Flower Show website.

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