Sunday, January 16, 2011

Vintage Tea Towels as Cafe Curtains

Now that my walls are bright and cheery, I think adding some simple window treatments will spruce things up a bit.  I am loving the look and the bright colors from these tea towels found on Patricia Caldwell's LA House Tour via Apartment Therapy.  How simple and innovative is this?  Not to mention perfect for my apartment!

And the gnome, well...  he's kinda cute too!

Mr.PS at Etsy also has a nice selection of tastefully chic tea towels:

However, I think I am going to go for more of a vintage flare to keep with the theme of vintage plates for my plate wall. Check out these from De Witt & Co.



Although charming, these two are a bit out of price range for linen towels that will most likely only spend a year (if that) of their life hanging in a kitchen window.

Germantown and Mt. Airy, two older neighborhoods here in Philadelphia, have some great antique shops, and they are only a hop-skip away from my quarters. Tomorrow I have off (Can I get a "Woot!?") for MLK day.  I am keeping my fingers cross that the thrift stores will remain open.

So how about it... linens in the windows?

Photo Courtesy: murdockdesign via Etsy

Get it or forget it!?

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