Monday, January 24, 2011

Blog Love

Give us some Blog Love!!

Apartment Therapy is recognizing some of us humble blogs that don't get much attention elsewhere. If you're a loyal reader (or even a secret one!), we'd love to get some blog love from you.  So you wanna spread the love!?  Simply click here, and be sure to include the following in your nomination: 

Blog: My Humble Abode

 We're spreading the love too!
 Be sure to check out a few of our favorite bloggers!

So how about it?  Are you feeling the love?  We know we are a little late in our request, but we'd appreciate all the love we can get!  Remember to submit your nomination.

What's the schedule?
1. Add your favorite home blogs
    January 18-25 (until midnight EST)

2. Vote on the top nominees
    January 26-February 3 (until 6pm EST)

3. Winners announced!
    February 4


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