Friday, April 2, 2010


"The deepest friendships have nothing to do with proximity; they aren't based on how long we've known each other but on how well we love each other." ~Paige Williams, Friendship Detox; O, The Oprah Magazine.

Lately I have been thinking about friendship. Being in a super big city away from family and knowing next to no one besides my co-workers, who rock by the way, will bring you to ask yourself, "Who really are my friends anyways?" Tackling this question most likely hurt some or my close friends and encouraged the others. I hope for the latter of the two. This questioning just so happened to occur around my mother's birthday. While shopping for a birthday card, I stumbled across a sweet friendship card, and thought of my dear friend Nicole. Inside was written, "Friends always see you as the person you long in your heart to be." Needless to say, I mailed it to her. My college roommate, and one of my closest friends to this day, Denika, taught me that some acts of impulsiveness are quiet necessary. The words in that card, for some reason or another, really touched my heart. I can only hope and pray that I have that type of friendship in others as well as give it. This lead me to really take into consideration writing letters to my friends more often. There is something about the act of writing that touches the heart deeper than a conversation over the phone. Even the surprise of receiving some unexpected mail makes it totally worth it.

Continuing my search for my mom's birthday card... reaching out for various kinds, having a difficult time finding the perfect one, a man standing beside me asked, "Are you looking for a good card? Find a blank one. No one can speak your truths better than you."
Stunned that someone in Philadelphia actually started a conversation with me, a friendly one at that, all I had to say in response was a genuine, "Thank you," as he walked away. I then chose my mother's birthday card, a blank one with Italian flair.

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